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Travel Diaries// Going Back To AR (the arrival)

Since 2010, I haven't set foot in TN. Fortunately, we caught the bus and the bus stopped in Memphis. The train stops there and probably the airplane. Here is a blog post while on my way. It was dark when I left so I couldn't do much. Night traveling is cool if you're going somewhere well lit. it was for like 10 minutes but I wanna have my moment. I added some extra photos to try and make the blog look a bit better.

Here is my backpack that I had packed and ready. I brought some drinks because hey you can never have too much to drink. I mean to me you should always pack water. If you stop you have your own drink and just need to buy food. The flip side of the bus ride is it was full and it felt so small.

It was starting to get light out. It was about 6 in the morning. My 70 MPH skills work if I only capture a landscape and nothing else is there like a powerline or an irrigation system.

The bus station was near the airport. My funny rule of thumb is this is competition. Are …
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Being Autistic In A Religious Family

You may recall my blog article 'growing up with religious folks.' I also make a video about it on my Verond channel. After having religion shoved down my throat all my life. I wanna speak about how my folks wanted to give me even more that I don't understand.
That blog that I am talking about was along the lines of my mom using God to control what I watch on TV.

My mom never took me to church when I was little because of the commotion. My folks grew up in the south. Where everyone was raised in the church. My mom said I'd cry throughout the service when I was a baby. I also don't go to church due to my anxiety with being around a lot of people. Also, forced physical contact when people take hands when praying. Like why do I have to touch a stranger to pray? There are so many things churches (especially my folk's church down south) do that makes literally no sense to me. I spectate my aunt's IG stories when she takes videos of the church service.

My sound ha…

Travel Diaries// Jericho AR Fall 2019 [Part 2]

I went back down south last week at the time I wrote this. My mom had a class reunion that she wanted to attend and I came with her. I took photos like mad while I was gone and I also made some vlogs that will be uploading in chunks. These photos will be out of order so that is my bad  I got a rare full moon photo. This was taken on the way back. The bust stopped in Champagne, Il for a 10-minute break. I hardly get a good full moon photo. Better make it last.

 I had to take this photo really carefully since there was a huge puddle of water right below. This is a nice flower indeed. Nature photography is my thing.

 My folks' church had a picnic in the woods so I came along. I am sure glad I went because this looks so nice. it was cool to have the great outdoors. Away from the city which is what I like.

 This photo was on the way back when it was getting light out. The bus left at night and the way we took had no street lights down the road.

 I got several photos of this lake from …

Travel Diaries, Back In Jericho AR Fall 2019

I came back down south because my mom wanted to make it for her high school reunion. I am with my grandmother. My mom is with a friend. Better than spending so much money on hotel fees. I have so many travel photos. I put this blog in separate parts since there are so many photos and you will be scrolling for eternity.
 There is the train, the train passes by like every 20 stinking minutes.

 This is a photo I got when the train was coming. The best I could do to safely take a photo of a train.
Country dusk is amazing since you don't have all of those lights like in the city. I probably couldn't drive out here I'd drive into another universe. I don't see well at night when it is pitch dark. 

I cannot remake that amazing color image  took from April. You know what they say, you can't remake perfection. You can't remake it for a reason.
The sun was shinning bright. It was like 80 Degrees F when I arrived and took this photo.

I take more copies of my photos since m…

Diaries of An Acutally Autistic- A Real Life Situation Having No Time To Process

Most people with autism need time to process things, time to respond, etc. At least with me. Unexpected changes throw us off. Think if your GPS telling you where to go and all of a sudden, it changes the route on you and you may not have time to react. That's how hard it is for us with changes. I always talk scenarios but I thought I explain a real-life situation that actually happened. I made a vlog on this topic which you can watch here.

Due to my inability to find a job, I get food stamps to help my folks somewhat. They get a limited amount of money. I saw on Facebook about proposed changes to the food stamp program, requiring people to work to get stamps. I disagree with this BECAUSE what will happen to someone who just can't get hired? What about someone who gets laid off or fired when it wasn't their fault? What about if someone gets sick/hurt and can't work anymore?
My first thought that it was fake because it's hard to know what's true or not when readi…

The Travel's That I Have Had Thus Far

This is a blog post that I am doing to show you guys the travels that I have had thus far. I am going on another getaway at the time I am writing this so I thought I'd sum up previous getaways that I have taken. Traveling is so cool to me. It makes you feel free, let's you explore.

I have only been on a few getaways in my lifetime and I'd like to take more. For this upcoming getaway, my mom has bought our bus tickets and we're getting ready. I got my phone and I am ready to make a vlog. This is so cool.

Friendship Festival (2013)

I helped out a lady who braided my hair. She has a side gig where she travels to festivals and sells things. I helped her out for a while and she let me explore the festival. I went twice. The second time I was there at night. Night traveling is cool. If where you're going is well lit. For photos or videos in that case. It was nice to get some photos of the people walking around. Having fun.
Fox River Resort (2013)

I went to Fox River with a…

Autistic And Being Misunderstood

If I got a dollar every time someone took me out of content when they could have asked me what I meant, I would have well over a million dollars. I will talk about how it's pretty common for non-autistics (or anyone really) to misunderstand us.

I could name every single instance but the blog will be too long. One instance is, my friend, posted that he was not going to be on because he was going to be busy and his data was running low. I said his health isn't worth being busy all the time. Someone who I didn't know was his mom, took me out of context and somehow read it as me expecting him to quit his job. hence her saying 'nothing in this world is free.' He said something before she came in but I forgot.

She assumed I was rich and can afford to use facebook when it's free to use. Even if I had a job I could come on during the break, before going in, coming home, on off days, etc. There is no shame in living with a roommate or your parents. TBH it's expensiv…