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Autistic And Being Misunderstood

If I got a dollar every time someone took me out of content when they could have asked me what I meant, I would have well over a million dollars. I will talk about how it's pretty common for non-autistics (or anyone really) to misunderstand us.

I could name every single instance but the blog will be too long. One instance is, my friend, posted that he was not going to be on because he was going to be busy and his data was running low. I said his health isn't worth being busy all the time. Someone who I didn't know was his mom, took me out of context and somehow read it as me expecting him to quit his job. hence her saying 'nothing in this world is free.' He said something before she came in but I forgot.

She assumed I was rich and can afford to use facebook when it's free to use. Even if I had a job I could come on during the break, before going in, coming home, on off days, etc. There is no shame in living with a roommate or your parents. TBH it's expensiv…
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Travel Diaries Going Back To Jericho Fall 2019

I came back down south. I am writing this while I am there. This will be split into parts since I took a lot of photos. I will have a vlog that will go on both DTube and Verond since DTube videos are achieved after awhile.  I traveled via bus this time. The ride was kinda bad. It was hard to sleep on the bus and there was little leg room.

Here are some fall photos. Since when I was here in April, it was Spring. My 70 MPH photography skills are rusty but I am improving.

I am going to split the blog into parts because I took so many photos you will be scrolling until you're 30 years old.

I decided to get some dusk photos. Country dusk photos come out so good because in the city you have the street light and it messes with the balance. Out here there are not street lights so the photos come out so much better.

I have to admit, this is a good photo. A Very good photo. 

The train passes by every 20 minutes.

I Got Into A Fight At School

This will be about a time I got into a fight with a girl at school when I was a freshman in high school. This happened as a result of bullying and developing anxiety. Hang on for this one.

This happened in gym glass. We had a substitute teacher. I just want to say that the entire freshman year was awful due to bullying (verbal). I suppose all the bullying was amplified and makes it seem like being are being mean to me or talking about me when they are. I thought this girl was talking about me because the anxiety brain was telling me. Think of it as an abusive friend. In reality, the girl could have been talking about a movie she saw. I want to give you an understanding of what the anxiety brain sees vs what it actually is.

We were walking back to the gym to do the workout portion. I thought the girl was talking about me. I walked angrily towards her. I wasn't going to push her. Just sternly tell her to stop talking about me. She thought I was going to push her and she scratched me…

Things I Wish I Would Have Known

There are some things that I wish I would have known as an adult with autism. There are some things we don't know. How do you expect someone to know if you don't tell the person? I will explain some things I wish someone would have told me.

I admit I was not ready for the 'adult' world. Having to adult in a world that makes no sense is hard enough. It is tough being in a world for NTs.

I Wish I Would Have Known My Folks Would Start Depending On Me

I never expected my folks to start depending on me. I was not prepared. Remember folks with autism need a heads up. They need time to adjust, time to respond, etc. I noticed my folks started relying on me to cook, my grandpa depends on me to drive him around.  I can barely understand the world around me, I wouldn't be able to fend for myself if my folks died tomorrow, and they expect so much from me. I need to be able to handle myself before I can handle someone else.  If my folks died tomorrow, God forbid, I would be home…

The Walking Dead Let's Play Season 1 Episode 1 (YouTube)

This list will have my Walking Dead Let's play from the first episode. I am going to split the videos so this blog won't go for too long.

After getting kicked out of Hershel's farm, Kenny nearly gets us eaten by zombies. Then some survivors come to our rescue, which angers Lily, the group's leader.  →You Can watch the video here

The Walking Dead by Telltale games is back!  Telltale games closed down as a result of poor sales. I decided to do a little remembrance of their games. I will be playing my favorite games from the Telltale Games.  Update Tellatale has been revived since I lat recorded this video. I still want to play their games. → You can watch the video here.

After Lary's medical episode, we have to search for the things he needs. While trying to get it, Lee finds a photo of him and his family. Then Carly teleports in and reveals she knows that Lee killed someone. Hence why he was in the cop car at the start of the episode.  →you can watch the video here

Autism Vlogs (YouTube)

These are the autism vlogs that I posted to my second channel. I am putting my videos in a list on my blog to help draw some traffic to my YouTube. I get some traffic to my blog, not much but a little. SO I thought I should take the time to promote my videos. The list will update from time to time. After a while, I will make a new list so this list doesn't get too long.

I decided to make this video explaining why autistic adults are misunderstood by non-autistics. When it comes to autistic to neurotypical communication, both parties are not on the same page, which causes so many misunderstandings.  This video is to name certain instances where NTs misunderstand us.

Why we should get rid of autism labels (like high functioning, mild, low etc)In this video, I talk about why we should get rid of autism labels like high functioning, low functioning, etc. I think these labels are damaging to us and affect our support. Affects how people see things. Giving people the wrong impressions abo…

I Feel My Mom Doesn't Understand My Anxiety

While it's true 2 people can have the same thing. Both of you can be affected in different ways. I feel as though my mom doesn't understand my anxiety. People don't understand mental illness. If it were as simple as 'calming down' we'd do it!

Having a mom with a ton of medical issues while you have anxiety goes together like water and oil. My mom thinks it's easy dealing with anxiety apparently. I told her I cannot be around a lot of people. One reason why I cannot work retail. She knows how busy and crazy Walmart gets. She proceeds to suggest I work there and said 'take deep breaths.' It's NOT that easy! Didn't she swear my doctor said I need a job where I am not around people? If I could work he wouldn't be helping me with my disability case. A doctor won't give you anything they feel you don't need.

My mom needs to understand just because something works for her doesn't mean it works for me. It's like a diet. A diet ca…