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How I Do YouTube On A Budget

Let's be real, most small YouTubers can't afford good equipment. I am one of them. YouTube is hard when your poor but not impossible. This will be a guild on how I YouTube with little to no money and how you can too. It's hard for most small YouTubers, as we cannot afford the equipment the larger guys use. Some viewers even point out minor things or point out how the camera, mic etc isn't good and to upgrade. The problem is, we can't afford to upgrade. Not all of us have jobs, or are able to get jobs or don't have parents to help us get the equipment.

What if I told you that you can use things around the house for your equipment?  Even if you have the money, I still suggest you go with what you have because you don't want to spend so much money on YouTube gear and you don't stick with it.  
For filming Vlogs, Chatty Videos Etc
Before my mom upgraded our phones, I had to use my sucky Windows Phone and my sucky tablet to make my vlogs. When I did sit down …
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How I Am Starting To Make Money Blogging And How You Can, Too.

I made the decision to work from home because I feel that it's what's best for me. It's better for my anxiety, my mental health and stress management. Some folks might be curious as to how I play to become self-employed. I mentioned that I post on cryptocurrency blogging sites. I will show you the sites that I post to and how they work.

You may think these sites are scams at first glace, but they are not once you learn the ropes. I use,, D.Tube, Dlike,, I will show you these sites and how I am making money from them. I also use these sites as ways to promote my content to reach new people. You can also monetize your content.

Steemit is like Reddit but you get rewarded for your content.  Here is a video that I found that explains how Steemit works.  It's best that I link a video because I am not the best at explaining things. If you do decide to join Steemit, feel free to follow me. This is a great way to monetize …

Why I Chose To Work From Home

After several attempts at finding a job that's right for me and that I can cope with failed, I decided to work towards self-employment. I have autism, therefore a job where I have to be social, work at a fast pace, where I am around a lot of people, etc would be too overwhelming for me. I cannot do retail or fast-food due to pace and pressure. Not many office jobs near me. I prefer something close in case someone has to come to get me then they won't have to go too far. I decided that if I want a job where I can go at my own pace, self-employment is the best option. I am going to go over why I chose this route.

~image is from

Most of us are unemployment. We are seen as lazy to outsiders when really we are jumping through hoops to find a job, but it doesn't work out.


If I need to schedule a doctor's appointment, it would be hard to do if I had a regular job. Let's pretend I had a job. Let's say I worked from 9-2 Mon-Fri and had weekends o…

Information Regarding Art Comissions

I made 3D renders. I decided to commission some photos for you. I have some information and some conditions that I want you to understand.

My rates start at about $20 depending on what you are looking for.  I have a poster for you to refer to.

I also do photography as well as 3D art. Here is my portfolio.You can look at my Instagram.
I have a few conditions but they are not strict.

No NSFW (not safe for work) this means nothing lewd. Give me a draft of what you want. Say you want a render of Max Caulfield holding a camera, give me an idea on how you want her to hold the camera.I do 3D art. I use XNA posing program and blender. Make sure the character you want has a model for XNA. Once I make the image for you, you can post it where ever you want. Make sure you indicate you had the image commissioned and link once of my art profiles.

Payment will be via PayPal.  I will do half and half to avoid being scammed.

Make sure you give me at least 3-5 days in case I have a line or if …

Why Your Channel Isn't Growing On YouTube

It's hard not to blame YouTube's algorithm for the reason you're not growing. It's particularly on YouTube for not alerting the subscribers of your uploads. It's not all on YouTube though. It's somewhat their fault why you're not growing.

Channel Appearance, does your channel make people want to check it out? Of course, no one is going to stick around if your channel has no banner, profile picture, attention-grabbing thumbnails. There are several tutorials you can look up on how to make graphics for your channel. Or you can pay someone on Fiverr to make graphics for you. Think of it as a book, the book has to have an attention-grabbing cover to make you wanna buy it. Or a movie, the movie has to have a good poster to get you to go see it. Sometimes, looks do matter. Sometimes, you do judge a book by its cover. I admit I don't have Photoshop skills. You can do some basic things on there.

Your Channel Has No SEO, this is how people will find your videos or …

What You Will Need To Start Photography

Photography can be a fun hobby. It's an expensive hobby. This will be a guild to how you can be a photographer on a budget. Why spend more than you can afford? This blog will have affiliate links. I will just get a small reward for showing you some stuff at no extra cost for you. I will just suggest a few items.

I suggest slowly building your gear.

Get Yourself A Camera
While your phone can work if you are just getting started, you are going to need a camera if you are going to be serious about photography. Your phone has restrictions like storage space. I always have issues with storage space on my phone. I record vlogs as well as photography and it's rough. I would highly recommend making a wish list of things you are interested in buying.

You will need some photo editor apps. You can use canva, photoshop, lightroom, pixlr and many more. Editing your photos will make them look so much better.

You Are Going To Need A Camera bag

It's not really a requirement, but I suggest a…

I Quit Band Because Of Anxiety

It's pretty common for people to end up quitting something they love due to mental health reasons or just health reasons in general. I actually liked being in the band when I was in school. I got interested in music in the 4th grade when the fine arts teacher took us downtown to see the symphony and I liked it. The teacher showed us classical music and I found it neat. I wanted to do the band. Unfortunately, the lessons were not during school hours. So I had to wait until Jr. High. At least I was closer to my Jr. High School and I can walk home or someone can meet me if I needed to stay after school.
I have a crippling fear of playing for people by myself. I even freaked out over section solos in the piece(s) that we played. There were times where my mom's ex-boyfriend asked me to play for him and I said no because I was too afraid to do so. I feel my anxiety could have been a reason for this. People told me I was bad because my nervousness caused me to miss some notes. Also,…