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Jobs For Adults With Autism

Just got fired from your 12, 20th etc job? Or are you just out of your luck and can't find any jobs that fit your needs. I will be explaining some jobs I feel are right for adults with autism that you can probably do remotely. This is my opinion but everyone is different and will have different skills. I did research for this blog post. I always to research before covering certain topics.

Sometimes 'real world' jobs are not for us. They are built the around neurotypical force. Remember that NTs don't have the issues that we have. We are sometimes forced to accommodate the Nts and that is not right. This article talks about the jobs that I feel is right for us. It will probably be won't be a walk in the park to get. It's better than being fired from several jobs due to your differences. 
Freelance Work
I am actually trying to land some freelance work myself. I feel freelance work is great for some of us because you can do it your way and the clients will come if …

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