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How My Lack Of Social Skills Got Me Into Unpleasant Situations

It's a known fact that autism affects socials skills. For instance, an aspie's ability to detect social cues is hindered. I do have issues with social cues, understanding other people's point of view, and verbally expressing myself when I don't always have the chance to map out my thoughts. I also have a great deal of trouble understanding how my words/actions upset others. If they do not address it in a matter where I understand.

I will list situations where my lack of social skills caused problems. And this was with neurotypical people.
When I Couldn't Understand How A Facebook States I Posted Upset Some People
I find it annoying when older men flirt with me. I have had this problem for a while. My mom once told off an older guy for looking at me in a flirting way when I was 15 or 16. He was in his 30s-40s. I posted in a 'support group' on how I find being hit on by older guys discomforting. The other members of the group thought I was calling the guy in qu…

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