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Why I Moved From Wordpress To Blogger

I started to play around with blogger and I like blogger way better than Wordpress. I recommend blogger for those wanting a professional website. All opinions are my own.

Blogger comes with your Google account when you create it. I find it easier to access and get to. I want to get into Freelance Writing. I admit my Wordpress blog was all over the place. I had blogged about autism, mental health, art, gaming, and random stuff. I feel this will be off-putting to a potential client if they come to my site and me blogging about 5 different things. It is Ok to have 3 inches on a blog if they connect. On here I talk about autism and mental health, because most people with autism may get mental conditions like ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD etc. On my second blog, I talk about art, gaming, and YouTube advice. I make 3D renders of video game characters. Most artists make their own graphics for their YouTube. Most artist will have a YouTube channel. Since I am a YouTuber I feel it's appro…

My Struggles With Finding A Job

I am currently unemployed due to my autism. I have trouble finding a job that fits my needs and has the settings that I require. I will perform better if the job has no sensory triggers. If the jobs have these sensory triggers, it will be hard to perform a job at 100%. I will be showcasing how it will be hard for me to find and keep a job due to my autism. In fact, many of us struggle to find and hold down a job. Around 80% of adults with autism are unemployed. Why is this? There are several reasons as to why most of us struggle with getting or keeping jobs.
Reason Why Finding/Holding A Job Will Be Hard
No Jobs With The Settings I Need To Function, I need a job that doesn't have a lot of people, no noise, where I can work at my own pace, with direct clear instructions, low stress, low anxiety, no lifting due to my shoulder injury and arthritis flare-ups. The list can go on. I can't function without these settings. Retail jobs such as fast-food and stores get busy at specific tim…

Struggles Of Being An Autistic Adult

I found out I had autism when I was 14. It's common to get a late diagnosis with autism because the signs of Autism And ADHD are very alike. It was a real struggle in school. The transition to adulthood is a challenge for a person who lives in a world they don't understand. I hate that my mom shames me for 'acting like a child' when I am trying my hardest thriving in a black and white world. I will share a book that I wrote about autism at the end.
Some people do not realize our brains are different and what works for you may not work for us. Even if you have the same thing. No one is the same.

Difficulty Processing Information,I have trouble filtering information if it's given too last or if given too much. Therefore I will forget some things. I went through a program that helped people with disabilities get jobs. I met with the job coach in private and she gave so much information without giving me a written version of what we talked out. I forgot or missed so ma…

How To Lose Friends, Have A Mental Illness

Battling mental illness is hard, it's even rough when your 'friends' walk out on you. Why didn't anyone tell me having mental illness would cause me to lose friends?

When it comes to texting people, I have terrible anxiety because when I was a freshman in high school, it made people ignore me or go off on me, and I only texted on weekends and not the school week unless I had to ask someone a question. Example, when I was a freshman going into sophomore year, I texted a friend I had since Jr. High, what her summer plans were. Within seconds, she went off on me, calling me annoying just because I wanted to know if she was doing anything fun over the summer. She proceeds to tell me not to text her anymore. I called a friend I met, maybe a few months before she graduated, crying. Why are people so cruel? Since then, I barely send a text first. Why go off on someone because they ask you what your plans are? If she did not want to share she could have just said, ' I rat…