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Why I Moved From Wordpress To Blogger

I started to play around with blogger and I like blogger way better than Wordpress. I recommend blogger for those wanting a professional website. All opinions are my own.

Blogger comes with your Google account when you create it. I find it easier to access and get to. I want to get into Freelance Writing. I admit my Wordpress blog was all over the place. I had blogged about autism, mental health, art, gaming, and random stuff. I feel this will be off-putting to a potential client if they come to my site and me blogging about 5 different things. It is Ok to have 3 inches on a blog if they connect. On here I talk about autism and mental health, because most people with autism may get mental conditions like ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD etc. On my second blog, I talk about art, gaming, and YouTube advice. I make 3D renders of video game characters. Most artists make their own graphics for their YouTube. Most artist will have a YouTube channel. Since I am a YouTuber I feel it's appropriate to give advice on doing YouTube. However, 5 things on one blog can be confusing. A client would skip my blog and go to someone else that has a set niche. It is important to have a couple inches on your blog if one fails, you have a backup niche. 

I also want to get into affiliate marketing, I feel if I want to put affiliate links in my blog, it needs to relate to my overall niche. I feel having 5 different random topics on my blog and plugging affiliate links will be off-putting to someone. By splitting my topics on different blogs, it's narrowed down. On my Wordpress blog, I had a great deal of trouble getting people to buy the products that I promote or to buy my art. I felt my blog having random topics caused them to ignore the links. I thought of it this way. If I follow a lifestyle/beauty blog, I expect to see products related to lifestyle or beauty. If out of nowhere I see an article on let's say, building a car, I would not know what this person is about. I will think it's spammy because car repairs do not connect to lifestyle or beauty. Therefore, if my blog has 5 different topics, people will not know what I am about and think the links are spammy. The same ordeal with promoting my art. Now you know this blog is about autism and mental health and my second blog is about art, gaming and YouTube advice. I also should just put the links on one blog and promote my art store on one log, say I make a blog about what you will need to do photography, only plug links to the products I suggest people use on that blog alone or am reviewing a product I suggested. Only plug the link of the review. Maybe plugging links on every single blog about art is a little too much. They heard me the first time. I see it if I get non stop calls or emails about someone trying to sell me something, I would ignore it after awhile. I may not have the money at the moment and constantly spamming my voice mail or emails won't make me get the money any faster. I moved so I can learn from my mistakes. When you're new to something, you won't know everything about it and having autism, my judgment is not the best. 

I like Blogger's templates better, they look more professional to me. A professional looking site is the most important thing when landing writing jobs. It's like getting a job where you're there physically, how you dress for the interview speaks for itself. Blogger has an about section with your photo which Wordpress did not have. I feel an about section with your photo looks professional and tells people you mean business. 

Wordpress has so many limits. If I wanted to upload a short video clip, I had to pay for one of the upgrades to do so. On here, I can do that. I can upload my travel clips on my second blog now. I cannot show ads on a free Wordpress plan. On here, I just need to post content for a certain amount of time. I checked their requirements and it said some places your blog has to be active for 6 months. I don't have to pay for anything to show ads. And it's probably easier to set up ads on here.  I see I have better traffic on here than WP. 

I am getting traffic to my YouTube channel from here as well. I keep an eye on my stats to know what places drew in the viewers. 

Wordpress free plan also had a storage limit for photos. Of course, this will be a problem when I write my photography blog articles. 

I will be moving my articles from Wordpress to the appropriate blog site. I will trash the article from Wordpress once I have moved it. I was thinking about closing my WP site down once I moved all of the articles to the correct blog. 

If I contacted you about writing jobs and you see the link I gave you does not work, let me know and I will give you the link from this site once the blog is live. 

In general, I want my graphics to look professional and make people wanna click like on YouTube you have to make your thumbnail reel in the viewer. 

On here, I can add a link to a photo, this will make it easier to promote eBooks when I write them or my art for my second blog. I don't think WP had this option if it did, I probably would have had to pay for it. I explain in Struggles Of Being An Autistic Adult that I struggle with employment, therefore I am too broke to spend money on my blog.

My rule of thumb is that you don't want to be limited. 

Any article on WP that is not related to this blog or my second one will not be moved. I want the reader to land on this page and know what I am about based on my content. 

Blogger was easier to sign up for than joining a whole new site. Plus the post creator is more organized for me than WP's.  If you want to make your own blog site. You should try Blogger, it's so much easier to set up and work with.

I am sorry for any trouble the move caused. 


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