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Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Autism

There are some things you should not say to someone with autism. Sometimes we mean well, but these phrases can actually do more harm than good. Not all autistic people are the same. Different people will have different traits/habits with their autism. I will address the phrases that were said me to as well. Sometimes people don't know any better. Some people are just outright ignorant. When it comes to a disorder like autism, it's unpredictable as to how your aspie will be affected. The doctor who diagnosed your aspie may not know how your aspie will be affected. All he can do is tell you possibilities

I don't know about you, but I hate being compared to someone else who has different circumstances than me.
You Should Not Tell The Aspie That They Don't 'Look' Autistic  My friend actually said this when I told her I was autistic, why does everyone think autism has a look? If you google people with autism, they will look like regular folks, right? Autism is not lik…

How I landed My First Writing Gig And Made 25 Dollars

I know 25 dollars is not a lot. I feel it's better than no money at all. I still would like to explain how I landed my first writing gig and made 25 dollars blogging. This was fairly simple. Sometimes you just need a little guild to help you out. Sometimes you just need that person to throw you a lifeline.

This started when I wrote a book about autism and employment, I give a little explanation about the book on this blog.  I was a bit down because no one was buying my book. I posted in an autism group I am in and a member told me about an autism page that promotes work from people on the autism spectrum. I messaged the page and one of the admins got back to me asking me to write an article for them about autism and employment. You can go here to see the article. I did it for more than just the money or to promote my book. I did this to help with my experience to help me land freelance writing jobs. I am sure this will be helpful if I wrote articles for other sites about the topic…

How My Lack Of Social Skills Got Me Into Unpleasant Situations

It's a known fact that autism affects socials skills. For instance, an aspie's ability to detect social cues is hindered. I do have issues with social cues, understanding other people's point of view, and verbally expressing myself when I don't always have the chance to map out my thoughts. I also have a great deal of trouble understanding how my words/actions upset others. If they do not address it in a matter where I understand.

I will list situations where my lack of social skills caused problems. And this was with neurotypical people.
When I Couldn't Understand How A Facebook States I Posted Upset Some People
I find it annoying when older men flirt with me. I have had this problem for a while. My mom once told off an older guy for looking at me in a flirting way when I was 15 or 16. He was in his 30s-40s. I posted in a 'support group' on how I find being hit on by older guys discomforting. The other members of the group thought I was calling the guy in qu…

Stish.Io A Social Media Site You Should Join Today!

Let's be real, some of you are tired of Facebook, Twitter's BS, right? I am about to explain to you a no BS site that you should be joining right now called Now, what is is like Facebook but with a twist, you can earn crypto rewards. You get rewarded for posting good quality photos. You use Facebook, Instagram and the CEO's get the money. How's about a site where YOU get rewarded? Tired of your Twitter getting suspended for speaking your mind? That won't happen on Stish. Tired of getting your Facebook account blocked? Won't happen on Stish. Moral of the story, all the issues you have with Facebook or Twitter you won't have with
It's also irritating on Facebook when your posts get buried therefore no one sees it. Or Facebook hiding posts that get little to no engagement. Irritating, right?
If you are a writer, blogger, YouTuber looking to expand your brand. Or you just want to get away from the giants. Stish can help…

My Open Letter To Future Freelance Writing Client(s)

My name is Jasmine Williams. I am 23 years old. I struggle with high functioning autism. Due to this, it's been hard finding a job. I have been blogging since 2017 on Wordpress. I am passionate about being a Freelance Writer. I can write about autism and mental health. I can write about topics that aren't really talked about. Like how aspies struggle with employment. If you want more info you can check out other autism blogs that I have written.
I have a second blog where I write about gaming, art, and YouTube.

I started making blogs about autism and mental health last year around the spring. Overall, I've been blogging since 2017. I want you to know what you have to be direct with me. I need a direct date and time that you need your article so I can plan accordingly. I need bullet points that you want in the article so it's what you want. I need enough time to plan the article. I schedule my articles but it still can't hurt to know ahead of time.
'Real world…

Issues Autistic Adults Have With Employment

Over 80% of autistic adults are unemployed. Only a small percentage of us work full-time or part-time. Why is that? There are several reasons why we struggle with jobs. The lack of education on autism makes it difficult in life. We see the world in black and white. It's like people are speaking a language you don't know. The way others teach is not how we learn, and it's very difficult to thrive in a world you don't understand. Most of us struggle with adulting. I know I do. My mom child shames me for it all the time. She should not shame me and guilt me over traits I have tied to a disorder that I never wanted in the first place. Instead of listening to me and trying to understand my perspective, she brushes it off as 'excuses.' Everyone pulls the excuse card because they don't want to understand.

It's not that we cannot do the job. I know a non-aspie will say 'well if anyone can't do the job, of course, they will be fired.' In fact, we are…

How To Give Criticism To Autistic People

I am a content creator. You're going to get feedback from people on how they feel you can do a certain thing better. I am tired of arguing. I am tired of taking their feedback the wrong and they think I can't take criticism. It's common for people on the autism spectrum do not handle certain types of criticism. It could be a low self-esteem thing as well. With us, we need a different approach to getting feedback. Another thing I have noticed is if I am not understanding what the person wants me to do because there are no visuals I can refer to, they will think I don't want their feedback if I try to explain why it will not work for me. This person told me they didn't like it when I read what the game is saying when I play games like Undertale, I will attach a link to one of my lets plays so you know what I am talking about. where you can make your own voice for the character. I explain I read what the screen is saying because if I don't, the viewers will get bo…

How Autism Greatly Limits My Ability To Work A Job

I am trying to apply for SSI, got denied twice because they claim 'my conditions are not bad enough to keep me from working.' I got a call from the layers I am going through and I have to go to court. That probably will get denied too. It's harder now for people to get SSI because of people who leech off of benefits that they don't need. It's harder for us since we are not physically disabled. I thought I explain how my ability to perform a job is greatly limited to the point where getting a job will be basically impossible.

You are aware the gov shut down for 34 days last month and there were articles about food stamps and WIC being affected. I shared it on a page and this asshole told me to 'get off my ass and get a job.' I call these people assholes because getting a job is not that simple, one cannot walk into Target and come out with a job. You have to send in applications and it's you vs hundreds, thousands of people wanting the same job. Another t…