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How I landed My First Writing Gig And Made 25 Dollars

I know 25 dollars is not a lot. I feel it's better than no money at all. I still would like to explain how I landed my first writing gig and made 25 dollars blogging. This was fairly simple. Sometimes you just need a little guild to help you out. Sometimes you just need that person to throw you a lifeline.

This started when I wrote a book about autism and employment, I give a little explanation about the book on this blog.  I was a bit down because no one was buying my book. I posted in an autism group I am in and a member told me about an autism page that promotes work from people on the autism spectrum. I messaged the page and one of the admins got back to me asking me to write an article for them about autism and employment. You can go here to see the article. I did it for more than just the money or to promote my book. I did this to help with my experience to help me land freelance writing jobs. I am sure this will be helpful if I wrote articles for other sites about the topic of my interest. I feel this will look good on a written resume that I wrote articles for other blogs/website. 
I stay in the shadows because I fear rejection. In reality, rejection is apart of anything you do. Even the video game 'Life is Strange' knows my rejection fear because Chloe told Max 'you will get rejected before you get accepted' or something like that when Max didn't want to enter her photo in a contest. In an alternate timeline when she entered her photo, she won. I'm trying to say, just do it! I suppose I cannot be scared of rejection forever. I even asked an actress if she got rejected auditioning for movies and she told me, yes but she kept trying. I can't even take my advice. This is coming from someone who quit band when I was in high school to avoid solo and ensemble. Why am I even talking?

I now have been looking on job sites for freelance writing jobs and cold pitching to sites accepting articles on my topics. I have also posted my writier resume on jobs sites but it's clear these recuiters didn't even LOOK at my resume to know what job I am looking for. I feel autism and mental health are very important topics that need to be talked about.

To explain, you have to message sites that relate to your niche or sites that accept blog posts in your niche, like I reached out to that autism page. The page was The Art Of Autism. I messaged them on Facebook. I feel my autism and employment pitch will appeal to autism sites because we, in fact, do struggle with employment and they wanna know my take. If someone is curious as to how autism complicates employment, I can say 'you know, we struggle socializing, struggle with social cues etc' Another good idea is my article on giving criticism to someone with autism. We won't be able to take/understand neurotypical criticism. Which is mostly brutal/harsh. Maybe the article can benefit someone so they are aware that the person just needs a different form of feedback. Maybe pitch an idea I talked about autism and employment because I feel it's a topic that people don't talk about yet I feel it will benefit the followers.

I feel it's important to know how people with autism struggle to hold a job or find one. People may think because they can't do the job and anyone will get fired if they cannot handle it. It's more than just that. Which is why I created the topic. Far from it, we can handle the job, that doesn't matter if we are not fast enough for the employer or can't do it his/her way.

Next, when guest blog posting, see if it's paid. You should do some free ones but I suggest looking for paid ones. 

I would send whoever you're writing for the link to your website or mention it in the post. If the article makes it to the front of Google and people go to it, they may like it and go to your blog. 

Therefore if you have any merch in your blog, affiliate links etc, you may get clicks. The more traffic the better.

This is basically it. A door opened for me when least expected it. As to the 25 bucks, this site could be a smaller company. I mean you have to start somewhere. Millionaires didn't wake up rich.


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