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Law Enforcement Needs Education On Autism

I have talked about how autism complicates employment. Making it hard for us to get or keep a job. let's talk about how autism makes it harder for us when it comes to cops. In fact, a person with autism can be mistaken for a person on drugs because we do have alike traits to a person who is intoxicated.  While it's important for a doctor, nurse EMT etc to know someone has autism. It's 25xs as important for cops to know, too.

It's likely to happen to be stopped by a cop. Heck, I get nervous the minute I see a cop car because I know I am toast if I get stopped due to their lack of autism training/understanding.  I live in Illinois so I don't know if the cops here know about autism. Our traits like anxiety, stuttering, lack of understanding verbal instructions etc can be easily misread from the officer. I am in a group with autistic people and a person posted how they got detained due to their autism. 
They were not looking the cop in the eye ( in some cases autistic …

Jobs For Adults With Autism

Just got fired from your 12, 20th etc job? Or are you just out of your luck and can't find any jobs that fit your needs. I will be explaining some jobs I feel are right for adults with autism that you can probably do remotely. This is my opinion but everyone is different and will have different skills. I did research for this blog post. I always to research before covering certain topics.

Sometimes 'real world' jobs are not for us. They are built the around neurotypical force. Remember that NTs don't have the issues that we have. We are sometimes forced to accommodate the Nts and that is not right. This article talks about the jobs that I feel is right for us. It will probably be won't be a walk in the park to get. It's better than being fired from several jobs due to your differences. 
Freelance Work
I am actually trying to land some freelance work myself. I feel freelance work is great for some of us because you can do it your way and the clients will come if …

The Time I Faced My Anxiety

I told you in this blog that I developed social anxiety after a girl went off on me for asking her what she's doing for the summer. As a result, I became a cyber introvert. This was almost 10 years ago. The point is I made an attempt to come out of my hole. I will explain how I came out of my hole and it felt great even though I didn't get the result I wanted.

I am a gaming nerd. I have been playing games since the Atari era. I love a game called Undertale. I found out about the game last year when I would watch YouTube videos of a game called Minecraft Story Mode and people in the comments kept saying a character in the game reminded them of a character in Undertale, so I watched the first 10 minutes of a walkthrough on YouTube. I didn't think I would like the game. I loved it after I played it. This will be unusual for those who are not gamers or if you have never heard of Undertale/Deltarune. Deltarune is a game that came out Halloween of last year. You can look up these…

I'm Writing My First Book About Autism!

I have thought long and hard about writing a book about autism. I feel people already write a book about how autism affects their life. I thought. How can I stick out from the crowd? I think that I will stick out if I talk about autism and employment. It's extremely hard for us in the workplace. It's irritating hearing 'get a job.' Don't you wish people knew it's not that simple for you? Also, this book can provide more insights. Perhaps if someone picks up and read it, get a better understanding of how we struggle. That person can help us. Someone can go 'hum, the workplace does look like hell just by how this person explains it. I know a few programmers looking for testers and this will be great for these individuals.'

Things need to change. It's unacceptable that so many adults with autism are unemployed/underemployed. It's unacceptable that employers cannot simply create a job that we can perform better. By writing this book this provides mo…

Let's Talk About Mental Health And Employment Issues

I decided to talk about how my depression and anxiety keeps me from working. I admit I am a mess. I admit I need to see a therapist but can't. My old therapist, I liked her. Back in April of 2018, she left due to personal reasons and the place gave me a doctor who wasn't helping my case at all. I am trying to get disability, I was denied upon seeing social security's doctor. Could it be that Social Security thinks mental illnesses aren't that big of a deal? Is it that SS thinks that mental illness doesn't affect your workability? Mental illnesses are misunderstood, if someone reaches out, they get bashed and shammed, called an 'attention seeker' or invalidated.

Yes, there are people with mental illness who work. Let's think for a minute, the job can be making the person's mental health worse. The person has no time to heal because they have to keep going into the setting that's making them worse.
I saw this photo in my Facebook feed and I agre…