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I'm Writing My First Book About Autism!

I have thought long and hard about writing a book about autism. I feel people already write a book about how autism affects their life. I thought. How can I stick out from the crowd? I think that I will stick out if I talk about autism and employment. It's extremely hard for us in the workplace. It's irritating hearing 'get a job.' Don't you wish people knew it's not that simple for you? Also, this book can provide more insights. Perhaps if someone picks up and read it, get a better understanding of how we struggle. That person can help us. Someone can go 'hum, the workplace does look like hell just by how this person explains it. I know a few programmers looking for testers and this will be great for these individuals.'

Things need to change. It's unacceptable that so many adults with autism are unemployed/underemployed. It's unacceptable that employers cannot simply create a job that we can perform better. By writing this book this provides more education.

It's just not right treating someone different because they have a disability, no one in their right mind would ask for a disability. I know I didn't. Therefore, I decided to start writing this book.

I did write a book around December but that book is being scrapped because it was rushed and not properly planned and promoted. I was wondering why no one was buying it when I didn't make a trailer video, add previews of the pages on the site(s) I chose to publish the book. I didn't make a video announcing the book, announcing the release date and then another video when the book was out.  Now that I am learning. I can try again. When you are small like me, you don't have people to guild you and I had no one to guild me in publishing my first book. I have no following because my posts get ignored on social media. I don't have people to comment on my videos, blog posts, social media posts like most people do.  When someone is making a movie, they announce the move, maybe post work in progress with filming the movie. When the movie is done and the director has a release date, he/she makes a trailer with a release date. The director will make a social media post when the movie is live. 

Now that I have learned, I can properly plan things about and promote to get people into the book. I will pick 3 publishing sites. I may have better luck on a more public site like Amazon. The scrapped book was when I was on Wordpress. I feel now that I moved to another site and started anew, I should take this time to learn. 

I should think like I am a director making a movie. If the director just jumps and all of a sudden say 'I made a movie,' he/she probably won't have people to go see it because they never knew about the movie and couldn't plan accordingly. Moral of the story is you live and you learn. 
I will post updates about my book on my social media. 

As of now, May 4th, the book is ready for preorder. I am using Gumroad and Amazon Kindle.   If you use the code 'wired differently' you will get 1 dollar off. This is for Gumroad. 
If you are reading this AFTER May 31st, the book is already out

I made a video promo. Check it out if you wanna.


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