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Jobs For Adults With Autism

Just got fired from your 12, 20th etc job? Or are you just out of your luck and can't find any jobs that fit your needs. I will be explaining some jobs I feel are right for adults with autism that you can probably do remotely. This is my opinion but everyone is different and will have different skills. I did research for this blog post. I always to research before covering certain topics.

Sometimes 'real world' jobs are not for us. They are built the around neurotypical force. Remember that NTs don't have the issues that we have. We are sometimes forced to accommodate the Nts and that is not right. This article talks about the jobs that I feel is right for us. It will probably be won't be a walk in the park to get. It's better than being fired from several jobs due to your differences. 

Freelance Work

I am actually trying to land some freelance work myself. I feel freelance work is great for some of us because you can do it your way and the clients will come if they like your art style. I am not speaking for all, on a 'regular' job, you have to do the job how the boss wants it. Sometimes we may not be able to do the job how someone else needs it to be done. However, if you're a freelancer, you can have it your way. Make sure to create a portfolio for your work. While the crippling anxiety of the interview and the lack of time to think about the questions can complicate things for us. If you want to pitch an idea to a freelance website, you can email the company and you will have time to think about what you want to say.  Say, for example, I want to write for an autism website, I can pitch ideas to them such as autism and employment. I can email them, which means no crippling anxiety with interviews. I can think hard about what I wanna say in my pitch and take all the time that I need. I can make a writing sample for them. If they like my writing style, they will consider me.  

Animal-Related Jobs

Most people on the autism spectrum can get emotional support animals to help them with meltdowns and sensory issues. A job around animals can provide the person with comfort. There is a pet groomer, animal sitter, veterinarian etc. Someone of us struggles with socializing with people. Some of us get bullied in school due to our differences and the bullying continues in the workplace. Doggos are more friendly with us than people. Therefore, this is a perfect job for those of us who cannot be around too many people like myself. 


Most of us are good with computers, programming etc. You know when you call customer service when you are having issues with your computer and one of the employees can remotely control your computer? That person can be in their living room! Some of us are visual learners. Of course, you need to see what's wrong with their machine. On a 'normal job,' some of us get belittled if we have to keep asking because we can't understand what we are being told. Obviously, you have to ask questions to better know what's wrong with the person's computer and of course, you need to tell the person ' I am going to do X so I can take a look.'  Once you are controlling their machine, then the person can tell you what to click on to see their issue. 


It's best to find a job in your interests. If you have an interest in books, this job is for you. The library is nice and quiet so no worries about crowds and loud noises. Say someone is looking for a book, you can say 'check the fiction section, A-L.' I feel I would struggle in retail. Say I am stalking shelves and someone asks me where something is. I would not remember where everything is. Say I am a librarian, and someone wants to look for a certain book, I can just say 'check autobiography S-Z.' Also, I think there is a computer system that tells you what books the library has. So if someone wants to know if your library has a book. You can check in the system. The system may also tell you where the book is. I wouldn't have a computer system to help me working at a grocery store so I can tell customers where the food items are.  

Uber Driver

You can set your own hours. All you need is a car, a valid license, and valid insurance. You wouldn't have to remember every inch of your city/state/country. You can use a GPS to take the person where they wanna go.  

Other jobs can work such as
  • Any job within that person's interest
  • graphic designer
  • web designer
  • Programming 
  • Mechanic
  • Acting
It all depends on the person. Some people can handle certain jobs, others can't. When it comes to us not being able to handle a job, it's not the person. It's the people around them, the environment they are in. If we are in a setting that's good for us or around people who can accept us, we can thrive.


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