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My First Travel Blog! [Jericho, AR Spring 2019]

I didn't even expect this trip. I was expecting to come in May sometime. Then the unexpected passing of my late aunt came and my folks down south sent someone to come get us. It's been a gloomy let fun time. I started this blog while I was still out in Jericho. You guys better thank me for this. I am doing this with the slowest connection in the world. I finished the blog when I returned home.

Just dead corn fields. Corn doesn't grow until the summer.

It was getting dark while we were on the road. We didn't leave until like 4. We still had ways to go before getting out of Illinois when it got dark/

Look at the nice dusk sky with the farmland. The golden hour is amazing.

The sunset was just amazing on the road. It's breathtaking.

It was way too dark to take any more photos. No street lights like in the city.

I got in like an hour before midnight.

My Struggles With ADHD as an Adult

I made a blog post about my struggle with autism. I want to talk about my struggles with ADHD. I will cover the ways ADHD complicates my everyday life. This has made my life at school hard and adult life is even harder. You can say I have both autism and ADHD.

A Little Backstory 
I found out that I had ADHD when I was little. It was hard because the schools I attended did not have the proper training to deal with a special needs person. I went to a Catholic school and the staff did not have training on dealing with special needs kids.  My mom and I had to move because she knows the schools in the burbs were better for me. 

Remembering Things Is A StruggleThis is a huge struggle of mine. I give up explaining it to my grandma because she is going to say I am making excuses or blame me using my phone or computer. I think my grandma just says this due to lack of understanding or thinking I am 'too young' to forget so quickly You can tell me something and I will forget moments later…

How To Start A Gaming Channel

This blog will cover how to start a gaming channel on YouTube. If you are a new/small YouTuber, you should start off light and work your way up. You should start with someone basic/cheap and then upgrade once you know you will stick with YouTube.

Hey, you want to start a YouTube gaming channel, but don't know where to start? Well stop your searching, you've come to the right place. I will share everything you need to start up your YouTube gaming channel. This blog will have affiliate links, this means I will get a small reward for showing you something cool at no extra cost to you. I will only show you products that I know of/use/trust. 

Know What Content You Wanna Make:

Are you going to make let's plays, reviews, reaction videos? Figure that out. Don't listen to other people. Do what makes you happy. If you do something you have no interest, that will put off your viewers. Your topic may be too broad, at least you enjoy it.

Get Yourself a Mic: If you're just starting…

How The Lack Of Details On An Assignment Nearly Got Me In Trouble At School

I will explain how a teacher giving vague details on an assignment could have gotten me into trouble at school. I have explained that with us, you need to be direct and the teacher was not direct on an assignment that she gave us. Which landed me in the dean's office.  It's extremely important you are direct and explicit with your instructions when it comes to us.

I took a creative writing class. Our regular teacher was on maternity leave. So we had a sub. The sub was a teacher already at the school. She gave us a task to write a story about a protagonist and an antagonist. There were no rules on what we couldn't write about. If you don't give any rules, I will think I can write freely. The teacher did not specify what we could not write about.
I made my paper based on "The Purge." I kept the same plot but made my own story. I finished my paper before class ended, and turned it in and went to the bus and went home as always. Around 6 o'clock, my mom got …

Sometimes I Hate Being Different

I am going to admit that I hate being different. I hate seeing the world in black and white. I hate feeling like people are speaking another language because they teach by talking or explain how I don't understand. I wish I could not have autism. I did the autism now tag where I answer some questions. You can watch the video here. I went on a rant at the end about hating being autistic at the last question, though I share this video as this is where it started. I don't understand some jokes, I don't understand sarcasm from seriousness. What's to like about feeling different from others? Update, I moved back to my Aaliyah Holt channel, so visit that one.

For starters, people treat us like we have a disease. All this means is we just need some adjustments and people treat us like we're criminals. Why be horrible to someone for being different? Do you think we asked for it? I know I didn't. 

You are the scum of the earth if you treat anyone with a disability, not…

How To Start A Blog In 2019

This is going to be a guild on what you need to start a blog in 2019. This blog will have affiliate links which means I get a small reward when you use my link to buy the products at no extra cost.
It's never too late to start a blog. There are some things you should know.
PS, I added the wrong year by accident in the graphic, please excuse this.

First Get Yourself A Niche
First, get yourself a niche you wanna blog about. I suggest you blog about what your passionate about because if you blog about something just because it's popular or because it will make you money, your readers will see it and be put off. Don't blog about cooking if that is not something you wanna keep writing about. 
Get Yourself A  Website Builder
Find a site you want to use to build your website. I used to build my website.  You can also use.  WixWeeblyWordpress If there are any other builders you can use, you can tell me in the comments! 
Get Yourself A Custom Domain
You will need a custom d…