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My Struggles With ADHD as an Adult

I made a blog post about my struggle with autism. I want to talk about my struggles with ADHD. I will cover the ways ADHD complicates my everyday life. This has made my life at school hard and adult life is even harder. You can say I have both autism and ADHD.

A Little Backstory 

I found out that I had ADHD when I was little. It was hard because the schools I attended did not have the proper training to deal with a special needs person. I went to a Catholic school and the staff did not have training on dealing with special needs kids.  My mom and I had to move because she knows the schools in the burbs were better for me. 

Remembering Things Is A Struggle

This is a huge struggle of mine. I give up explaining it to my grandma because she is going to say I am making excuses or blame me using my phone or computer. I think my grandma just says this due to lack of understanding or thinking I am 'too young' to forget so quickly You can tell me something and I will forget moments later. Think of it as a door, a person without ADHD, when they get information, the door will close so they can process the information that was given. However, a person with ADHD, the door will not close and the info will keep flowing and the person cannot process it. This will be a problem on a job if the boss gives me a task and I forget about it after awhile.

Losing Things

I have lost count on how many earrings, gloves, socks that I have lost. My mom even said she is tired of buying me things that I wind up losing. I also struggle with remembering where I put the item. I can have a shirt, and put that shirt somewhere, and I will forget where I put it days later. Then my mom will ask for the shirt and I have to search my room until I find it. I just struggle to keep up with my stuff.


An ADHD/ADD brain is always racing, this can cause some insomnia in a person with ADD/ADHD. Like when I was in school, the night before I had school, I had trouble falling asleep. Most of the time, I have to take something to help me sleep if I need to go somewhere the night before. I had this problem in school because I stayed up later on the weekends and when I had Mondays off from school.

I basically have the same issues that I have with autism

ADHD and autism have very alike traits. They're like next door neighbors. This is why so many people go undiagnosed with autism. I have a ton of issues with my brain moving fast. When I am washing dishes, my grandma finds spots that I missed all the time.

Sometimes I'm restless. My mom's ex-boyfriend made note of this. Sometimes he made me go to bed early to keep me from walking back and forth. Gotta love being punished for something you can't control.

It's a real struggle.


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