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Things You Should Never Say To Someone With ADHD

As a person who struggled with ADHD through grade school, Jr. High and my freshman year of high school, there are some things that we are sick and tired of hearing. So I present to you, the things that you should never tell someone with ADHD. Really, don't say this to me, alright?

These phrases actually hurt people with ADHD, they do not help. 
Don't Ask Us If We Took Our Meds

Us ADHD sufferers are REALLY annoyed with people assuming we are excited because we forgot to take our meds when in reality, we are excited about something fun that's happening. You could be excited about something fun the teacher is planning in class, you could be excited about a movie coming out. Also, it's none of your business if the person took their meds. A teacher assumed I didn't take my meds because I was a little excited. Someone is excited about something and you make them feel bad for being excited? WTF?

It's Not That Hard To Focus

Now telling someone with ADHD it's not that …

The Mos Stressful Job Program I Went Through

In 2017, I went through a program that I thought would help me find a job. It turned out to be useless and stressful.

My mom found this place in May. This place assisted people with disabilities to help them with employment. My initial thought of this program is that they help you build your skills for the type of job you are trying to get. It was not like that. I believe because the counselor they gave me refused to believe I have autism, this caused me to not get the help that I need. My mom was even on point with my psych until that idiot lady brainwashed her. I met with the coach in private. I thought I made it clear the type of job that I needed. My short term memory is poor, so I had missed or forgotten a lot of information.

The first day of the club was a few days after. I will call the coach Sarah. On the first day of the club, Sarah jumps right into the job interview questions/basics. Aren't you supposed to build your resume or cover letter? This was a sign that I missed …

Why Finding A Job Is Hard In 2019

I talked about how autistic adults struggle with finding a job. However, people without autism struggle just as much as we do with finding jobs. Their struggle is just different from ours. Here is my take on why job searching is hard. Note that I did proper research on this topic. I always do research on certain topics.

Finding a job was easier back in the day. You found a job in the newspaper and heard back from a few employers and landed a few interviews. However, now the job process is harder. Now you have to apply online and your application can get buried by there being so many applications being sent out. 
Lack Of Experience  This meme speaks the truth. I follow someone on Deviantart and this meme is their struggle in one picture. It seems like employers don't wanna give you a chance due to your lack of experience. I have applied to places that require no experience and didn't hear back. So I believe it's a lie when they say you can get a job with no experience. They …

Grammarly is Your Best Friend, I Highly Recommend It If You Write Literally Anything On The Internet

I felt embarrassed with people pointing out my grammatical errors. Due to autism, I do not understand English. In fact, when I took standardized tests, my English score was the lowest. I have trouble understanding how a phrase should sound. Then I remembered Grammarly and I downloaded this software to help better my writing. This blog will have affiliate links which means I will get a % of the earnings when you buy Grammarly. It will not cost you extra.

This post was also Sponsered by Grammarly.

What else do you need to make your blog posts more professional? No grammatical errors right? Remember when I said I felt embarrassed with people pointing out mine. Imagine if you're writing an essay for school and lost points for grammatical errors. If English isn't your first language, this software can help with that too. Grammarly can be used for anything you will write on the internet. Social media status, e-mail, direct messages, etc.

Grammarly will simply highlight with a red l…

My First Book About Autism, Release Date, Preorders and More!

I have finished my book about autism and I am set to release it May 31st. I am using Gumroad to publish the book. You can preorder your copy now! If you use the code 'wired differently,' you will get 1 dollar off. The book is 2.99. With the code I provided for you, you will get the book for 1.99.

I wore this book to educate others on how we struggle with employment. Imagine posting on Facebook about needing money for something you want and some jerk says 'get a job you lazy ***' Don't you wish they knew it wasn't that simple for you? Don't you wish they knew you can't find or hold a job due to your autism? This book explains some reasons why we struggle to find or keep a job. You may see this is as negative. You have to point out the problem to find a solution, right? I do have a proposal that I feel will fix our issue. You have to know why you want to make a change. Promo video will be up on my channel Aaliyah Holt.
This book can help the following Anyon…

Why Working From Home Is Better For Me

I decided last year that I wanted to work towards self-employment. I made this choice because I felt it's the only job that I can get due to my sensory issues, differences, and other things. A make-up channel I follow struggled to find a job and she turned to YouTube and her blog as a job since that was all she can get. That gave me some ideas. I felt that overall, It's better for my mental health.  I have been having trouble getting my mom and grandma to understand this. I feel as though because they are not in my head, they do not understand how being around so many people will make my anxiety worse.
I have tried several attempts to explain to my mom. The first time I told her if I work for myself, I won't have to worry about getting yelled at for doing something 'wrong,' I can work at my own pace, etc.  I was brutally honest saying no one will want me with no experience and my mom gets mad. The second attempt my mom said that when the weather got better we were …

Things You Shouldn't Say To Someone With Anxiety

There are some things you should not tell someone with anxiety. Sometimes we mean well, but your phrases hurt instead of help. Some people are straight up ignorant when it comes to mental health.

I've been dealing with anxiety since the 8th grade. I always felt I need to use the bathroom 'just in case' something happens. The teachers just didn't understand my anxiety and were really quick to speak on what works for them. My mom hopped on the same train. Not understanding different things work for different people. I was going to the bathroom because of anxiety. Something I can't control. Anxiety is a tough disorder and people act as though it can be cured like a cold.

That Could Happen
I am quite sure they are aware of this, you are going to make things worse. For instance, I am afraid to have my wisdom teeth out because I am afraid I will die since there are stories of people dying/getting sick after visiting the dentist. Like when I was in high school, my guitar te…