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Things You Should Never Say To Someone With ADHD

As a person who struggled with ADHD through grade school, Jr. High and my freshman year of high school, there are some things that we are sick and tired of hearing. So I present to you, the things that you should never tell someone with ADHD. Really, don't say this to me, alright?

These phrases actually hurt people with ADHD, they do not help. 

Don't Ask Us If We Took Our Meds

can you not

Us ADHD sufferers are REALLY annoyed with people assuming we are excited because we forgot to take our meds when in reality, we are excited about something fun that's happening. You could be excited about something fun the teacher is planning in class, you could be excited about a movie coming out. Also, it's none of your business if the person took their meds. A teacher assumed I didn't take my meds because I was a little excited. Someone is excited about something and you make them feel bad for being excited? WTF?

It's Not That Hard To Focus

I think I got it

Now telling someone with ADHD it's not that hard to focus is like telling someone with asthma it's not that hard to breathe. Or telling someone who's deaf it's not that hard to hear. So why tell an ADHD/ADD sufferer that it's not hard to focus, it's REALLY hard to focus when there are things going on around you. Try sitting in a room with 5 TVs, focus on one TV without getting distracted. We are not you, our brains are different. Just because something is easy for you, doesn't automatically mean it's easy for the next guy.

ADHD Is Not Real

keep your mouth shut

This is a surefire way to make me hate you. How dare you tell someone something that has been dealing with since forever is not real, you wouldn't tell someone with cancer that cancer is not real, so why would you tell someone with ADHD that ADHD is not real? Just because you never heard of it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

You're Too Smart To Have ADHD

you're too stupid to insult

Jesus, for all that, is holy. Being smart doesn't mean you can't have a learning disability. That's like saying, how can you have diabetes, you're skinny. People can be smart and have ADHD/ADD. My 8th-grade year I got all A's and B's and in high school graduated with a 3.4 GPA. ADHD doesn't affect your intelligence. It just means you have learning challenges and need a way that works for you.

Can I Buy Your Meds?

how about no

See, this is the reason our pills are so hard to get, this is why, on my old pills, I couldn't get refills. This is why, I had to see my doctor every time I needed more pills, because people use these pills to get high or when they don't need them. You know if you use something you don't need it does more harm than good? This makes it hard for people who seriously need it, they can't get it. Because the requirements to get it is tight. Remember that episode of the Fresh Prince when Will accepted drugs, for people with ADHD, and Carlton got a hold of them, thinking they're something else. You know the rest. It's illegal to buy meds like that. If it's not given by a medical professional, you are getting it illegally. I am talking pharmacy drugs, not over the counter.

You Need To Work Harder

thank you caption obvious

Thank you caption obvious. What do you think I am doing. People with ADHD/ADD have to work 3x harder. You mean to tell me that's not enough?

ADHD is so misunderstood. If your challenges are a bit different, people will invalidate you. Lift someone up, not put them down.

Never tell someone this disorder is just an excuse.

Ask them what can you do to help them.


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