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The Mos Stressful Job Program I Went Through

In 2017, I went through a program that I thought would help me find a job. It turned out to be useless and stressful.

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My mom found this place in May. This place assisted people with disabilities to help them with employment. My initial thought of this program is that they help you build your skills for the type of job you are trying to get. It was not like that. I believe because the counselor they gave me refused to believe I have autism, this caused me to not get the help that I need. My mom was even on point with my psych until that idiot lady brainwashed her. I met with the coach in private. I thought I made it clear the type of job that I needed. My short term memory is poor, so I had missed or forgotten a lot of information.

The first day of the club was a few days after. I will call the coach Sarah. On the first day of the club, Sarah jumps right into the job interview questions/basics. Aren't you supposed to build your resume or cover letter? This was a sign that I missed that this club would not help me. Perhaps the other members had jobs before but had to leave due to their disorder or sickness. Another sign is I felt the coach expects us to be confined to a shit job for the rest of our lives. When I said I wanted to 'expand my options' Sarah said the interviewer might think I will not be at the job long. Well Duh! I can't live on making only $8.00 an hour! I would barely be able to afford rent. Why not help us get better jobs?

Each meeting, Sarah would ask us what jobs have we applied to. Because I missed this, I thought that applying was optional.

Whenever I didn't apply for a job or didn't send out enough applications to please Sarah, she would pressure me. Like 'you need to be committed.' She just assumes we don't care if we are not applying for enough jobs. She is working with disabled people. Does she not understand it's not that easy for disabled people to find jobs? That's why they are attending the damn program!

I didn't apply for a job and I told Sarah things have been crazy and she continued to pressure me. I e-mailed Sarah that I just could not handle the program anymore and she would not understand. I felt if she understand she would have said 'if you want to leave the club you may, I will have Sally(what we're gonna call the ignorant lady) close your case.'  But now, she proceeds to go on about how would be able to attend a job. I started to get burnout and I was only going to the club for a few weeks. I asked her if I can opt out and proceeds to be like 'no you can't if you don't show up we close your case. It's up to you if you follow the rules or not.' Sarah didn't care at all about my mental health. All she cares about is a job.  She only gave you 3 days to miss. She expects you to have no life outside of that stupid club. If she understood that people have lives, she would not have been so pushy when I didn't send in enough applications.

She never thought that I was struggling to find a job to apply for, I guess she thought adding more pressure to me was 'help.'

One day, we did mock interviews. Sarah asked me the 'tell me about yourself question' I messed up on the question and Sarah kept asking questions when she knows I do not have any work experience. She could have modified the questions for me at least.

I asked Sarah how much longer is this club and she says 'forever, until you get a job.' So what if I am out of luck and just can't get hired? I come until I die? Sarah is pretty dumb for a job coach. Jobs are getting harder and harder to get. I can understand the club being for a few weeks or months, but until you can get a job? All they seemed ever do is job interviews, it seems like they don't even show you how to perfect your resume (or CV if you are not American), how to do a cover letter. Have employers come in and you can explain the needs you will require so they can keep it in mind if they hired you. I mean I started in September and left after Thanksgiving so I don't know what they did after I left. But 50% of the time before I left it was job interview stuff.

I had a staffing meeting. Sarah just assumes I am being held back from applying. I don't think she will ever understand how hard jobs are to find/get and how limited someone can be due to where they live. I was on the verge of a break down due to all of the pressure Sarah was putting on me. I said I was getting therapy because I knew she would let me go.  I wasn't planning on coming back so I just said give me a year. I deleted the number from my phone and threw away the card. I am cleaning my e-mails. I will delete any e-mails I saved from this program

I cannot do any more programs. That club seems to not help people with autism. I told the lady I had autism. I guess she forgot.

I also have a vlog. You can see it here.


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