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Why Finding A Job Is Hard In 2019

I talked about how autistic adults struggle with finding a job. However, people without autism struggle just as much as we do with finding jobs. Their struggle is just different from ours. Here is my take on why job searching is hard. Note that I did proper research on this topic. I always do research on certain topics.

Finding a job was easier back in the day. You found a job in the newspaper and heard back from a few employers and landed a few interviews. However, now the job process is harder. Now you have to apply online and your application can get buried by there being so many applications being sent out. 

Lack Of Experience 
Image result for you need experience meme
This meme speaks the truth. I follow someone on Deviantart and this meme is their struggle in one picture. It seems like employers don't wanna give you a chance due to your lack of experience. I have applied to places that require no experience and didn't hear back. So I believe it's a lie when they say you can get a job with no experience. They require something. Sometimes internships can work against you if you were not offered a paid job when you finished your internship. You mean to tell me that Trump can be president with literally zero knowledge on politics but can't hire an employee because they have no experience. I found a Reddit post where someone was turned down due to no experience. Volunteering can also work against you if you were not offered a paid position for who/whatever you volunteered for. I am guessing that sometimes they can upgrade you to a paid position or keep you in mind if they need to hire help. This is just my educated guess. Also, internships and volunteering won't help you save up for college or whatever expenses you have. 

Gaps In Your Employment

Gaps in your employment history can work against you. This can send some bad thoughts to employers. Say you've been unemployed since 2012, this can give the employers second thoughts about hiring you. The reality, you moved to a new town and no one would hire you but employers don't know that. 

Long Applications/Assessments 

Some applications are crazy long. Sometimes the applicant gets stressed and gives up. Most applications have an assessment that you must pass to be considered for a job. I applied to a few places with these tests and didn't hear back from none of them because I could not pass the assessment. Another thing is some applications require references. Chances are the applicant may not have any friends to put as references. You can't make someone up because the job will call whoever you put down. You have to ask the person if you can add them as a reference. 

Getting Calls For Jobs That Have Nothing To Do With What You're Trying To Get

I am trying to get some remote writing jobs and I posted my resume on some job sites and it's clear that they did not look at my resume. I got offers for jobs that I am not remotely qualified for. If they actually looked at my resume they would know I want freelance writing jobs for autism/mental health websites or websites accepting articles on autism and mental health. Unless they are a start-up company and want me to write about their place, why are you calling me?

Not Hearing Back

Sometimes you just don't hear back from employers after an interview or sending in applications. Someone I follow says he applied for a job, had an interview and haven't heard back since 3 months after his interview. Sometimes they picked someone else and just never called/e-mailed you. 


You have to remember you're up against thousands of people trying to get the same job as you are. Someone else's resumes may stick out more than yours. Say a job is hiring cashiers and need 4 people. So out of 1,000 people, let's say 10 people are being called for an interview. Think of it like auditioning for a play, if the director liked your audition he/she considers you for callbacks. You have to go out for jobs that match your skills. If you're skilled with computers and you're applying to stock shelves, the employer can question how you can bring value to his/her company if your resume indicates you've worked in the tech field. Now say you apply to be a computer repair person, the employer would like that if the computers were to go out or to train new hires if he is too busy to train new people. 

Secret Algorithm

I had a theory that when you send in your application or resume, there is an algorithm. No one knows how this algorithm works. The algorithm sends good applications to the employer or whoever is looking at applications and discards the bad ones. We don't know what keywords please the algorithm. I have this theory because it can take forever for one person to look at thousands of applications. The algorithm makes it easier. No one knows what will disqualify your application. 

Store Closings

It's 2019, you can shop online from the comfort of your room, coach, etc. If people can find what they want online cheaper than in a store, this will cause stores to close due to not making money. This is one less job. I bet by the future, everyone will have to get a job on a computer. In grocery stores, people are putting in the self-checkouts. 

You have to go through so much testing if you get the job. 

This is for all those 'get a job' fools. You see? Getting a job isn't peaches and cream. It's very difficult now. Employers are picky as to who they hire. 

If you don't know the situation, don't judge! 


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