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Why I Chose To Work From Home

After several attempts at finding a job that's right for me and that I can cope with failed, I decided to work towards self-employment. I have autism, therefore a job where I have to be social, work at a fast pace, where I am around a lot of people, etc would be too overwhelming for me. I cannot do retail or fast-food due to pace and pressure. Not many office jobs near me. I prefer something close in case someone has to come to get me then they won't have to go too far. I decided that if I want a job where I can go at my own pace, self-employment is the best option. I am going to go over why I chose this route.

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Most of us are unemployment. We are seen as lazy to outsiders when really we are jumping through hoops to find a job, but it doesn't work out.


If I need to schedule a doctor's appointment, it would be hard to do if I had a regular job. Let's pretend I had a job. Let's say I worked from 9-2 Mon-Fri and had weekends off. Say I need to see a doctor and I have to take whatever is available. Let's say all that is open is when I would be at work. I would have to take off to go see the doctor because I can't work around my work schedule. Some people have a hard time getting their employers to approve time off for them. If I worked from home, I'd have no problem. I plan to be self-employed by my cryptocurrency blogs. I will talk about this later on. If I need to see a doctor, I can make a post to my crypto blog before I go in. I also have the apps on my phone and I can post while I wait. Death in the family, no problem. Most jobs only give you 3 days when it comes to death in the family. It would take someone longer than that to recover mentally from losing their mom, dad, uncle, etc. If I work for myself I can take all of the time that I need.

Health Issues

I do not handle stress well, as a result, I have so many health effects like headaches, painful periods, insomnia, stomach issues, weight gain/loss, hair loss. The list goes on. I would be feeling too bad to go into work 90% of the time. What good is going in feeling bad and then getting fired for poor performance? What good is having to be excused due to a stress effect and they complain about me taking too many restroom trips. What good is having to keep calling out due to bad headaches and painful periods?  If I work from home, I have no worries. I always prep content for my blog and my YouTube channel beforehand. If I need to take some time off due to health reasons I can always do that. I can reduce uploads on my YT channel to once a week on my gaming channel and every other week on my vlog channel, I can cut my blog post on here to once a week and 2xs a day on my crypto blogs. It won't be so easy to take time off if I had a regular job. If you are lucky enough for the employer to approve of it, it may not be paid.  I can reduce my workload if I have to while drawing in some money so I can still do stuff while putting my health first and keeping my pages a little active. I don't like leaving my accounts dead like that.

Better For My Mental Health

Working from home will be better for my mental health. My brain needs time to heal. It takes years to heal a broken mind just like it would take years to heal from a surgery depending on how major it was. While I was away, when I had the freedom, being in the country, where some of my folks stay, where there aren't too many people. I saw that's what I need. I need to be able to give my brain and my body a much-needed break when I can. If I work from home, I can do that. I wouldn't have that freedom if I had a regular job. Think of it like breaking your foot. You need to stay off of your foot for it to heal. Think of going into a job that wrecks my mental health walking on the broken foot. You wonder why your foot isn't healing. I cannot heal my mind if I go into a job that makes it worse, reversing all the work I put into improving my mind. It's Ok to want to work on you and get yourself straight. You only have one body.

It's All I Can Get

Even though I was not ready to work when that useless club expected us to apply for jobs, I saw that no one was interested in hiring me. I feel that because the last thing I did being almost 10 years ago, it will be nearly impossible to even get a job even if I was able to. Even if I didn't have bad anxiety around a lot of people and such. I have no skills that match a retail job.  I feel I could find a freelance job editing, writing, etc with the skills that I have gained from YouTube, blogging, etc. I could bring value to a game developer with the skills I gained from YouTube, blogging. I can write an article promoting the game to help the developer get more traction. I can make a YouTube video promoting the game since I react to game trailers.  Even though the coach was useless, the assistant coach from the program even said my skills would not relate to a retail position like stocking shelves. That could be why I never heard back because the employer questioned how did these skills relate to the job. This is all I can get where I can work at my own pace. This is all I can get where I can put my skills to use. If I can barely handle stress then how do you expect me to handle the stressors of a job? If I can't handle stress and can't work under pressure then I will not survive in a retail/fast food job. No point in going for it and I don't last long.

I can also take a vacation whenever I want. Some folks who work regular jobs have trouble getting their vacation time approved even though they tell the manager beforehand.  If I work from home, I am free to take a needed vacation. I just have to know when I want to get away and save up my blog money.

I am not trying to act like I am better than a 9-5 or downsize folks who work minimum wage. Retail jobs are dying. It will only get worse. Stores are closing because they are losing money. Jobs are being replaced by computers. Min. wage workers probably fear every day that their job will be replaced with a computer or the store they work at is going to close. They fear they will be homeless if they lose their job to a computer and can't get another job because most of them lost to a computer.

Min wage workers get treated like dirt either by management or customers. No one should have to take being treated like that so they can pay utilities. Which is why I am documenting my journey to self-employment because maybe I can give someone an idea on how they can be their own boss.

Pretty soon, people will have to learn skills like coding, programming, welding, plumbing, etc because the market is going to favor those jobs more.  I rather aim for something I know I will have a future at than a job that can be gone like the wind to a computer. The internet will always be here. Video games, music, computers, phones, electricity, etc will always be here. If YouTube shuts down, someone will replace them within a week. If you lose your job, do you think you can find another one within a week?

I made this a video regarding this topic. You can check it out if you want. 

Retail/fast-food just isn't for me. That doesn't mean I am entitled. It's just mean I rather take the time to better myself, better my skills so I can get something better than a job where I will barely be paid enough to make it.


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