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Why Self-Employment Is Better, Why I Recommend It

The job market changes, stores have to close because they aren't getting any business. Layoffs, getting fired. A lot of things can play a role in keeping employment. Some people cannot work due to an illness or disability that they may have. In my case, it will be impossible for me to find a job with the settings that I need, and because I have no experience. I figured, why should I spend all these years ( been looking for a job since 2015) when I can work towards self-employment. I will get into at the end how you can become your own boss. I feel self-employment is a tad easier to get, it won't happen overnight, but it will over time.
self employment

I think being your own boss is better than working for some jerk who can fire you or cut your hours at many moment.

Jobs Are Getting Harder To Find

It's a lot harder to find a job now than it used to me. Technology is cutting all the jobs. At most grocery stores, they have the self-checkout lane. If people can save 10+ minutes waiting in line to go to self-checkout, most of the cashiers will get laid off, and if most stores and fast-food chains have the self-checkout or self-order machines, it will be impossible for a cashier to find another job. The internet is not going anywhere and it provides opportunities. People with disabilities struggle with employment for many reasons. If someone can shop online for what they want, clothing stores, shoe stores close. Also, transportation can play a role like a person may not have a car to get to a job, they could live with someone who works and only got one car. If they have a phone or a computer, they can start a business from there. I mean your friend shouldn't mind. You're trying to build something that will help you in the end.  Imagine spending years job hunting vs starting an online business and growing it in a year.

You can be fire at anytime

At any moment, you can get fired or laid off, you do not wanna rely solely on your 9-5 job to pay bills, you want a backup source in case all goes wrong. Especially if you work for a company that is known for firing its workers for no reason, like Walmart for instance. Also, most states are 'at will' states, which means the management can fire you for no reason, not tell you why you're fired, or lie about why they're firing you. As long as they are not firing you because of your race, nationality, political differences etc. Roberto Blake made some good points that I agreed with in this video he made. He also made this talking about a 9-5 job vs freelance. I have decided that Freelance work is best for me, and I will work towards that. The internet, computers, phones etc, they are not going anywhere. At a 9-5 job, you have to constantly worry about what if you get fired, and can't pay your bills, buy food, or take care of your kids if you have any. Especially if your kids are in school. If you become self-employed, you won't have this problem. Find multiple ways to make an income in case one fails, then you have a backup plan. If you want to create content, don't just post on one platform. If you're an artist just don't rely on commissions. Maybe sell a course. Have a YouTube channel. Get creative. Sell things you no longer use. If you get better art tools, sell your old tools to someone who could use it.

Going To Colleges Doesn't Make It Any Easier To Get A Job

Most people think the only way to have a good career is to go to college. What if I told you, a person can go to college and still struggle to find a good job. People who work minimum wage jobs get shamed by people who think it's simple to find good paying jobs. Little do they know, Joe got his masters in IT and he still cannot find a job. A person doesn't want to be put in debt from school expenses and they're unable to get a job when they finish. Some fields are competitive and employers may look for the level of education, look for the highest degree etc. There are plenty of things you can do without needing schooling. Say you graduated nursing school, and you have been looking for a job for months, you could open up your own online course for others who want to be a nurse but can't afford to go to school.

Workplace Mistreatment

Many people in retail get mistreated either by customers or the management. For those of us who deal with mental illness, this can make their mental health worse. Most people end up quitting their job because they are tired of being treated like crap. I'd leave if I was being treated poorly. I read online about people saying they were denied breaks, yeah I know it's illegal. They may not know they can report it. No one deserves to be treated like crap on a job, no one should have to take it to pay their bills. Workers deserve better, they are human, they have feelings. If you are your own boss, no one is around to treat you like dirt. If someone leaves a mean comment on your Facebook etc, at least you can block them. Or filter the offensive words in your settings. You can't block the manager treating you like dirt or block customer's treating you horribly.  Just because a job is shitty that doesn't mean that's how you have to treat your workers.

You can have your own schedule

Being your own boss is more flexible, for instance, a person working a retail job, say they get sick and can't afford to take off, they have to go to work sick and infect everyone around them, most companies do not provide a decent amount of sick days. If you were your own boss, you can work around it, like get some work done once your illness gets better. Or say your kid gets sick, you can still be with them AND do your work. No worries about car trouble preventing you from getting to work if you work from home. If life happens, no worries if you work from home. I can post a video saying I need a break and loyal viewers will be OK with it. It wouldn't be so easy getting time off from a regular job. We should not be punished because our bodies need a break.

Make More Money

Depending on your job, you could make a lot more money on a website than you did on your regular job. You can do freelance work and make double on that. Say I get someone to buy my art or buy the products I promote on my blogs, I could make 100 bucks a week or more. Say you make 1K a month from monetization, affiliate links, selling stuff etc. Look at what you can do with 1K each month rather than 100-200 you would get bi-weekly on a regular job. You won't start making a lot of money right off the bat. It will take time and effort to build a good income.

There are ways you can work from home. I use Pinterest when I promote my blog and there are blogs being posted with guilds on how you can work from home. The sooner you start, the better.

I chose this route because it's better for my mental health and everything. I can always give myself a much needed break without having to jump hoops to do so, as I would have to on a regular job.

I can always  schedule around Dr's appointment easier. I have 4 crypto currency blogs that I am drawing money from.  I can make a post before I go see a doctor or when I get back. Nothing is peaches and cream. You will face cons with any job really.


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