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How I Do YouTube On A Budget

Let's be real, most small YouTubers can't afford good equipment. I am one of them. YouTube is hard when your poor but not impossible. This will be a guild on how I YouTube with little to no money and how you can too. It's hard for most small YouTubers, as we cannot afford the equipment the larger guys use. Some viewers even point out minor things or point out how the camera, mic etc isn't good and to upgrade. The problem is, we can't afford to upgrade. Not all of us have jobs, or are able to get jobs or don't have parents to help us get the equipment.

What if I told you that you can use things around the house for your equipment?  Even if you have the money, I still suggest you go with what you have because you don't want to spend so much money on YouTube gear and you don't stick with it.  

For filming Vlogs, Chatty Videos Etc

Before my mom upgraded our phones, I had to use my sucky Windows Phone and my sucky tablet to make my vlogs. When I did sit down vlogs, I had to lean my phone against something because I don't have a tripod, and no money to buy one. Once I upgraded my phone, I had better video and audio. As the audio on my sucky old phone wasn't good. And I got a ton of comments about the audio on the phone. If you can't afford a camera, use your phone if it has a good picture and audio quality. You can use Audacity to enhance the audio. I made a tripod out of a Pringle's can. You can go to your local Walgreen's (or any store that selld Pringles) to buy some Pringle's and make a tripod out of the can when your done. Instead of throwing something away, save the plant and recycle it. You can turn it into some gear for your channel if possible.

For Lighting

I use natural lighting or use a lamp. The viewers just need to see your face. The only con is that you may not have good light when it's cloudy/raining outside if you use natural lighting.  If you don't want your light bill high then conserve that energy and put your phone/camera in a window.


I use Wondershare Filmora. It has so many things you can use to make your videos professional. This editor works well on my low-end computer. When you don't have a good computer, this can make you limited as to what editors you can use. Most good editors require a powerful computer which makes most of us can't afford.

You can play Indie Games. This games can be run on any machine. 

I can play low-spec games old games made before 2010 (depends on the genre) and indie games on my computer. On my phone, there are some games I can play like Animal Crossing, The Sims Mobile, some Telltale games. I use Mobizen to record my game play.

Get a selfie stick if you vlog on your phone so your footage wont be too shaky. It only costs about 10 bucks.

For my commentary I use a Blue Snowball Mic and audacity. Share this article with someone who makes YouTube videos on a budget.

It may be hard to YouTube with little to no money but it's not impossible.

Get creative. 


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