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Living In A Toxic Environment

People like to blame me for being negative but they don't think maybe I am in a negative space. My own home is a toxic setting. My grandma makes it hell. I call this house the Hell House. My grandma expects everything perfect, compares me to other people, condemns me if I can't do something how she wants it. She can't understand my brain is different from hers. I function differently from her. She likes to complain that no one does anything and she has to do everything but doesn't think why. No one wants to do anything for her only to get yelled at or called back and have to do it over because it didn't meet her standards. 
Imagine this. You try your best to help someone, instead of getting a thank you or the person just accepting the job got done, you get yelled at because it didn't meet their standards. That will make you not wanna help them again if they are that ungrateful, right? So how is my situation any different. This is why I wouldn't be able to h…

I'm Chasing After The Wrong Jobs

I previously posted about a stressful job program that I went through. My impression was that they help you find jobs within your skill set. As an adult with autism, I have to find a job like trying on shoes at the store. You have to make sure the shoe fits before you buy it. That's what I am doing. I have been chasing after jobs my mom wants me to get vs a job that's best for me, that fits me.

My mom wants me in retail. She is always pushing it on me. 'Work at Walmart' 'See if X is hiring.'  I felt pressured into the trap. I stopped to think that it's more about what my mom wants than what I want. I am more likely to not get bored with it quicker if it's something I truly want. Retail jobs are dying, believe it or not. Every self-checkout lane put it or a self-order machine like at Mcdonald's, that one person out of a job or one job that's dead. People don't make enough money to live working retail. Why chase after a job that will barely al…

Analysis On My Book

I wrote A Book About Autism, where I showcase how hard it is for some of us to get or keep a job. I think it's important to know about this. We all have to grow up sometime. I think it's important for teachers, parents to know that when we turn 18, it will be hard for us to get and/or keep a job. This blog post will be a break down of each chapter and maybe to provide more info on the book before you buy it.
The idea for this book came to mind when I was thinking long and hard about writing a book about autism. People already talk about what it's like having autism. I felt I would stick out more talking about how we struggle with jobs. How difficult it is for us in the world.  I will break down each chapter for the book. 
Chapter 1
I felt that the first chapter should act as an introduction to me. I feel the reader wants to know when I found out I had autism. How my life was affected before and after the diagnosis. I explain how hard it was for me when I was in jr. high. I …

Your Feedback Is Useless

I am a content creator. I made YouTube videos, blog posts, art, etc. People will give you feedback on what they feel can be better. However, their 'feedback' didn't really help me. Please read the blog before you comment.

I just want to say that your feedback isn't helping the creator if you're just pointing out all of the flaws in the creation and don't offer tips on how the person can actually make their stuff better. I had trouble getting interaction on my Facebook page. This person looked at the page and DMed me their 'feedback.' All they did was say how my page doesn't tell them what I am about but didn't give me a single tip on what I can change about my page to make it tell them I am a vlogger or a blogger. All they did was complain about the 'negative' posts that I made, no tips on the posts I am suppose to put on the page.  If they had of said 'your X doesn't tell me you're a blogger.' And linked someone else'…

This Article I Found Proves My Point

I made a video about why you should work from home and a blog article. I mentioned 'life happens' and I talked about how some people are punished if they get sick and need to take off to recover or if someone in their family gets sick and has to take off to care for them. This article that popped up in my feed proved my point. My mom tried getting me to work at this company. So glad I didn't. I will just give bits and pieces of the article and give my take. I will provide a link to the article so you can see it.

A small disclaimer that just because your Walmart doesn't do this doesn't mean that the franchise is an angel. This is just coming from that employee's Walmart. I saw an article with stories from ex-employees of Walmart explaining how they were punished for things they could not control.
Some companies have crazy attendance rules. Every school I attended didn't have attendance rules this strict. Matter of fact my schools sent you home if you looked …

Travel Photography

This blog will have my travel photos of all time. I decided to put my photos on this blog because it's easier to share them on social media. I post on multiple places and having my photos on this blog makes it so much easier and faster to share. The photos are mine.

Keep in mind that some of these photos are from 2007/2008. I love to travel. No money is the problem. I would love to travel, do some travel vlogging/blogging while making money. Thus I joined some crypto blogging sites where I can monetize my content and post content without censorship. I do post my photography on my crypto blogs but to make it easier and faster, I am just going to post my photos here.

I also want to post my photos here because I have taken a lot of vertical phots and when I post it to my crypto blog it flips the photo and it looks ugly to me.

Travel Diaries, Golden Hour Photography

I decided to put my photos on my blog so they are in one place. I also post my photos on my art profiles as well. Sometimes I just like to put them on my blog. I also have cryptocurrency blogs that I post to. I like to post content on multiple places to help me reach more people and get them to see my art. All photographs are mine.

The golden hour is sunset, dusk, dawn, sunrise. It's usually a good time for photos. This blog will have all of my golden hour phots. I also have a store for my photos if you would like to purchase a print. If you can't afford to that's alright. You can share this on your social profiles. You will never know what a mere share can do for someone. 

Some of these photos are old and some of them are new. I will put my photos on this blog to make it easier to share across social media.

These were the golden hour photos that I took during my unplanned trip. I enjoy sunrise/sunset overal I just like to take these photos.  Travel blogging is so much fun…

Flower Photography

I have a hobby with photography. I started taking photos for as long as I can remember. I would love to turn this into a passion. With your help, this can happen. I sorta taught myself how to take photos. Trial and error process and using other people's photos as a guild.  This blog will have all of the flower photos I have taken. I will also link my store towards the end of the video if you would like to buy a print. I use Redbubble and they ship internationally. Redbubble has sales and promotions from time to time and I advise you to take advantage of a promotion.

The photo above is my old style. I saw these flowers in a flower bed at the dollar store. This photo is from last year. 

I saw this flower outside the gate near the house. This is one of my favorite photos. 

These are some recent photos that I took. The stores my folks go to have flowers outside. I honestly enjoy taking photos of flowers. 

I saw a pink rose at Walmart. Roses are my favorite flower. I saw this red rose …