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Analysis On My Book

I wrote A Book About Autism, where I showcase how hard it is for some of us to get or keep a job. I think it's important to know about this. We all have to grow up sometime. I think it's important for teachers, parents to know that when we turn 18, it will be hard for us to get and/or keep a job. This blog post will be a break down of each chapter and maybe to provide more info on the book before you buy it.
The idea for this book came to mind when I was thinking long and hard about writing a book about autism. People already talk about what it's like having autism. I felt I would stick out more talking about how we struggle with jobs. How difficult it is for us in the world.  I will break down each chapter for the book. 

Chapter 1

I felt that the first chapter should act as an introduction to me. I feel the reader wants to know when I found out I had autism. How my life was affected before and after the diagnosis. I explain how hard it was for me when I was in jr. high. I felt like I had hated right off the bat for being different.  In this chapter, I gradually move into the topic of the book, which is how we will struggle in the world due to not being able to keep a job. 

Chapter 2

In this chapter, I talk about a program that I went through that I thought would help me find a job. My impression was that they would help you find a job within your skill set. I feel I would have a better chance of getting a job within the skills I gained from YouTube and blogging. After going to the program a few times, I realized it's more for people ready to go back to work. Or maybe it's for people who are on disability but want extra money. It would be hard to live off us the 700-1K a month that you get.  I talk about how I felt the coach was just adding pressure to me rather than helping me find a job, which is why I joined the program. I also talk about a lady invalidating my autism for a stupid reason. This chapter covers how the program wasn't helping me and it was hard trying to get out due to the coach's standards. 

Chapter 3

I have been denied SSI maybe 2 or 3 times. They feel autism doesn't keep me from working and I am here to say that it does affect me greatly. I explain how the issues associated with autism would complicate my ability to be able to function on a job or even keep it.

Chapter 4

I talk about how I struggle to find a job I can handle due to my traits associated with autism. My folks want me to get a retail job but they fail to understand how being around so many people, being under pressure, being on someone else's time, how that would make my anxiety worse. I explain how my traits such as anxiety would complicate being on a job.

Chapter 5

Most states started proposing work requirements in order to keep getting food stamps. 2 months after I saw Trump's proposal on it, I got a letter in the mall from the company saying I needed to come it, but the letter did not say what for. And I felt like the world was crashing down when they told me I had to participate in a work program. After all the stress that the last program costed me, I couldn't go through it again. Also because they are trying to get people without disabilities working, I wouldn't have the support I needed and because they see me as an adult, they will deny and requests I have so I can thrive. I mentioned this because it affects those of us who can't find/hold down a job. But may get food stamps to at least help whoever they live with bringing in groceries.  Think about how many of us would be starving if we can't hold/find a job and they stip our stamps away. This is what it's like being in a neurotypical world. We are held on the same standards as the NTs.

Chapter 6

I propose a solution to chronic unemployment for adults with autism. I proposed that programmers hire us. Even if we just test their app and give feedback. I think this can help us and we can use our skills. Perhaps the programmer will be more understanding than your past employers/co-workers.  You can remotely help the programmer so no worries about being in crowds.

I feel that if retail jobs aren't for us, something is. I think we should stop chasing after jobs that we cannot thrive and at chase something we can thrive at.

You can get the book on Gumroad. 

You can get the book on Amazon. 

If you use Gumroad, use the code 'wired differently' and you will get one dollar off.


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