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My WORST Therapist EVER

I have been seeing doctors of and on for my mental health. I was seeing a psych that my mom and I liked, however, the place was under the impression that I had an insurance plan that they didn't take. So It was a long and hard battle going without meds. My mom then referred me to a place she was going to.

Yada Yada, Board, Insignificance, Conventional Wisdom

I was given a therapist that I liked. She listened, she understood me. Then last year in April, I got a call from here that she was leaving due to personal issues. The place had to find a doctor to put me with. I get a letter from the chosen doctor. Before finding out he was trash, he informed me that my old doctor did not leave any notes on the computer for when I came in and what I talked about. Therefore, there was no proof that I showed up for my appointments.

There some signs that this doctor was going to be garbage that I did not pick up right away. One sign is he never really listened. He asked me have I tried to find a job and I told him about that useless program that I went through. He proceeds to keep asking me every time we meet. He claims that my autism diagnoses are nowhere to be found. I gave him my IEP records and he said he saw no record of the autism testing the school did. I told him 5 times that those papers are my IEP records and NOT the testing the school did for autism. He would not listen. In his eyes if he cannot see it written down, it doesn't exist, you don't have it. My mom found the paper with the results of the test while looking for something.

I went up there once a month because it takes me an hour to get there and that's too much going back and forth. I saw the psych for my meds maybe every 2 months. My next appointment to get my meds was 3 months away and he kept saying I can't go that long before seeing him. I said 5 times I was gonna come back sooner, he would not listen.

All he did was invalidate my struggles, compare me to other people and assume I'm supposed to be like others with my disorders. He had a problem with me calling my mom when he told me something. I only called her while it's fresh because I will forget by the time I got home. Mental illness gives you extreme memory loss.

I really could not stand him. I think I got stuck with him due to my old doctor not leaving any notes. This is why it's important to keep notes. In the event you retire, get sick/hurt, die, etc then the place will have notes about your patients and they can get with the right replacement. He invalidates my Vertigo for the same sorry ass excuse 'there is no record of it.' The TRUTH is that my regular doctor had it on file. NOT him. He thinks if your traits with a condition are different then you don't have it. That's like telling someone they don't have cancer because they're not bald. Maybe they didn't get chemo. Maybe they were able to have whatever cancer removed and had rad treatment to kill off the residue cells. It's the principals. There is not much that can be done other than taking meds for this condition when I need it. This doctor is the biggest POS to ever live.

This is why people do not seek help. There is a stigma that surrounds mental health.  This guy is a therapist but does not understand how mental illness can affect you. He thinks you can only get SSI for depression is if you cry all the time. What an idiot. Depression is more than just crying just like epilepsy is more than just seizures. You cannot just focus on only one part of an illness, you need to look at everything behind it. My memory loss will complicate a job and keeps me from working. What if I forget something important?

Mental illness ignorance is real. How can we educate if you refuse to listen to the sufferer?


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