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This Article I Found Proves My Point

I made a video about why you should work from home and a blog article. I mentioned 'life happens' and I talked about how some people are punished if they get sick and need to take off to recover or if someone in their family gets sick and has to take off to care for them. This article that popped up in my feed proved my point. My mom tried getting me to work at this company. So glad I didn't. I will just give bits and pieces of the article and give my take. I will provide a link to the article so you can see it.
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A small disclaimer that just because your Walmart doesn't do this doesn't mean that the franchise is an angel. This is just coming from that employee's Walmart. I saw an article with stories from ex-employees of Walmart explaining how they were punished for things they could not control.
Some companies have crazy attendance rules. Every school I attended didn't have attendance rules this strict. Matter of fact my schools sent you home if you looked sick. I was one degree away from a fever one time and the nurse HAD to send me home. Whenever I threw up, sent home. My high school did have a limit on how many days you can miss. If you had to be hospitalized the school worked with you. In some cases. the worst they could do is you needed a doctor's note after missing so many days. Not everyone can get into seeing their doctor soon enough. Now, why do jobs have these ridiculous attendance policies?  People get sick. Life happens. The names I used are NOT the names of the employees. I just used random names to connect the story better.

Tammi was afraid to call in sick because when they did it in the past, they were told they lost points and they had no idea what that meant. They were scared of calling out in fear they would lose their job.

Tori had to take off because their daughter was having medical issues and it went against them. That same person passed out at work and needed to go to the ER and was fired for it. Like it's their fault they fainted (sarcasm).

Sam got into a car accident and was taken via ambulance to a hospital and the job would not accept the note the ER gave them. I had gone to the ER when I got sick once and my school even accepted the note from them AND my regular doctor.

Joe (just using a random name, this is NOT the name of the employee) was having a medical emergency at work and the manager even told them he/should fire them if they passed out and needed to go to the ER.

Sally thinks it's crazy to get punished for something that you cannot control. People get sick, things happen!

Tom also had a medical emergency and had to go to the ER and he lost points for each day he was there. The job would not accept the notes the hospital gave him.

Sarah needed personal time off, the manager rejected her request.

Jess lost her job and is now homeless because she had to take off when her daughter got sick because she couldn't find anyone to watch her daughter. Jess was unable to find another job in time and she is on the streets because of it. It wasn't her fault. She did what a mom is supposed to do. Care for her child. And this evil company FIRED her for it.
Then there is Jack who needed to care for his son.  He lost points even though he let management know.

The original article said that the employees were surveyed.  This proves what I said about how people are punished for things they can't control. I even said that a so-called 'real' job can be gone like the wind and you may not be able to find another job in time. Jess's story proved that. I said that if you're a content creator and you don't just rely on one platform, you can easily tell your viewers where to find you if your YouTube/Twitch gets banned.  This proves why I chose the self-employment route. If I work for myself and I get sick, I can't be punished for it. Or if I need time off, I can't be punished for it. This shows how hard it is to take off if you need it. If these employees lost marks for it. If you work for yourself you don't have this issue.

You can see the original article here. 

No one should have to put their health at risk for a job that doesn't care about them. Hospital bills will bankrupt you fast. No one should have to fear to lose their job if they take off. No one should have to be punished because they get sick. No one should be punished because they need to care for their kids.
Which is why I am all for self-employment. I will document my self-employment journey in hopes this can give people ideas on what they can do. It's sad the hell people go through just to live. This was just me voicing my thoughts on what I read and to show you how this proved my point. I hate to say I told you so.


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