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Answering The Question 'What Do You Do For Work?'

How hard is it to answer the question 'what do you do for work?' when someone asks you? It's hard for us aspies to find or hold down a job. People already see those who don't work as 'lazy.' The truth is we want to work, but employers don't want us. Some of us can't pass the interview stage. Some of us get overloaded and quit. Some of us are fired due to or differences. Some of us are bullied off of the job by the NT co-workers.

Remember 80% of us are unemployed. Only a small % of us work. It's rough being in a work that's black and white.

 I mean when someone asks you about your occupation, what do you tell them? You're unemployed because of autism, you can't hold down a job?

Do you lie in fear you will be judged and shamed? I told a 'friend' I could not work due to my disorders, my old doc even felt I would struggle to hold down work. She acted like she knew about me, judged me. She just assumed I have 'poor' skills. Sh…

An Open Letter To A Person I Admire

This is an open letter to a person I admire. I will have small subliminal hints since I get ridiculed for admiring someone.  I'm usually quiet about who I admire and out myself. Is this normal?

Please excuse me, I am socially anxious. I am moving this from a different blog. I used to have 2 but 2 blogs is way too many.

Is it normal to write a cryptic letter to a celebrity?

I don't know how to go about things. I am not good a verbally expressing myself sometimes.  I really don't know how to start this letter/blog. It was easier for me to write this letter on my blog. 

This is me saying in a subliminal way how Undertale gave me the things I rarely/never had. I felt as though my 9th-10th grade year of high school was rough and my 6th-grade year of Jr. High was rough. 

I've struggled to make friends due to my autism/ADHD when I was in jr. high/high school. ( Sorry don't mean to get too personal here. I know I am a weirdo stranger on the internet).

 The point is I strug…

Neurotypicals, Stop Holding Us On Your Standards

The worst part about being in a world for Nts is having to be held on their standards. It's so hard being in a world where you have to function in a difficult setting. I wish Nts can have some compassion for us.

For instance, we struggle with jobs. Things overwhelm us very easily. While the Nts can work through it, sometimes we can't. Imagine us posting on Facebook or Twitter saying we have to quit our job because it was too overwhelming, getting bullied constantly, etc. Nts will act like they're better and start shaming you for it. Saying you need to 'suck it up.' If it was that easy, we would do it. Nts need to realize that just because they can tough it out doesn't mean we can and doesn't give them the green card to shame those who can't. 
I mean at least have a savings account and have money saved up to hold you until you get some sort of back up plan ready.
Most of the time, we get fired from jobs for not moving fast enough. Why do employers care h…

Why We Should Get Rid Of Autism Labels

I think it's time to get rid of labels for autistics like high functioning,  low functioning, etc. I think this is damaging to autistics and can affect how they get support.

When I went through that job program, the counselor I was given saw I was high-functioning autistic, look at one strength that I had. And said I wasn't autistic. This tells me people are under the impression that if you are high functioning, have some skills, that you are not autistic. People just judge what they see and don't dig deeper. As a result of having my autism ignored, I didn't get the help I needed during the program and it was really hard. With the coach constantly on my back for not sending out enough applications. Had my autism not been ignored the job coach would have been aware that my need for a job is more difficult than the other people in the program. Or I would have been told they could not help me. It seems like the place helps physical disabilities.

These labels give people t…

Autism And Having Your Needs Disregarded

I feel as though since I turned 18, my mom thinks the problems I had with autism went away. So many people are under the impression that autism stops at 18, your problems stop at 18 which is not true. Autism does not drop off the face of the earth when you turn 18. Autistic adults exist and they struggle.

When I was a little girl/teen. My mom knew about my needs. For instance. I need explicit instructions. My mom knew of this when I was little and told my aunt that she has to tell me ' I want Sprite' 'I want X' when she told me to bring her some lemon and I thought lemonade. Now, as of me being an adult, she gets mad and refuses to provide this little accommodation. She is autistic like me but holds me on a neurotypical standpoint. She expects me to be able to understand cryptic instructions like Nts. 'The garbage is full' may be a request or asking you to do something to a NT but to us, it seems like a train of thought.

My mom doesn't realize that failing …

Hate Is NOT Constructive Criticism

In the content creator industry, people have a very missed up thinking when it comes to feedback on YouTube (or anything). When will people learn the difference between explaining POLITELY why you didn't find a video helpful vs outright hating on that person's content just because YOU don't like it?

I decided to work from home. I decided to build my cryptocurrency blogs such as Weku, Whaleshares, etc. I still want to do some freelance writing. I decided to vlog about my self-employment journey on YouTube in hopes that anything is hard but it's up to you to put in the time and effort. I made a video on why you should work from home. This guy, who clearly didn't watch the video, hated on it just because he didn't like it/my content. And some people tried to defend him saying it's criticism. Not showing names since I don't want a witch hunt.

Here is the video if you wanna see it. 

Another girl, who clearly didn't watch the video, defended that POS. If …

Being An Adult On The Spectrum Is Worse Than You Think

I'd like you to read the blog. Gather the information before you make judgments. It's rough for anyone on the spectrum. Getting demonized by Nts for not being like them. The list can go on. I think being an adult on the spectrum is worse. For instance, the support we may have during school goes away when he become adults. This tells me people think autism just drops off the earth when we turn 18. This is false. Autism does not go away at 18. There is something call adults with autism. We are lonely in this world.

I lost count on how many times I have had requests for me to thrive denied because I am an adult. Last year, I had to be interviewed by a doctor from SSI. Interviews make me extremely anxious. I just don't know how to answer certain questions. I asked for my mom to come with me ONLY for her to inform the doctor of my anxiety and to not let it influence his decision or to clarify a question he may ask because I will misunderstand the question. It was denied of cour…

I Made 47 USD Posting Content On

Back in 2017, I joined a site called I joined after the first ad mess with YouTube and their response with the 10K views rule. I was on a site called before they rebranded. This guy talked about some alternatives to YouTube and he mentioned Steemit. I went a created an account.

This site is like Reddit but you get rewards when people upvote your content. If someone has enough voting power, they can give you some good rewards. When you post a photo and people vote it, your rewards are split half and half. SBD and Steem power. Your steem power controls how much your votes are worth. You can also earn by curating aka voting other people.

I traded my rewards for BTC and then real money. The value varies.

I made 47 USD when I collected the money. I also use other blog sites in case I face a dip in revenue or in case Steemit goes down.

I will be documenting my self-employment journey. I am trying to get disability hopefully it can hold until I can get a full-time inc…

Why I Hate Neurotypicals

Please read the blog first before you comment. Read the blog before you make your judgment. I am not talking about all Nts. Just the ones who do the things I am about to talk about. As a person with autism, NTs make us feel like outcasts. They mock us because of our differences. They bully us, they belittle us. They think insulting us makes them look smart and makes them better than us, but it doesn't. NTs are the reason why I hate being autistic. Their lack of understanding about us.

All my life I have been around Nts. All through school. Even in public. I am tired of being belittled, bullied, insulted by Nts. Why can't they just be nice? It's not that hard! In school when the teacher would call on me when I didn't know the answer, I'd get laughed at rather than laughing at the teacher when she/he saw I clearly didn't know the answer but called on me anyway.

If I didn't know something I am labeled stupid by Nts for that.  In an Nt world. You don't know…