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Neurotypicals, Stop Holding Us On Your Standards

The worst part about being in a world for Nts is having to be held on their standards. It's so hard being in a world where you have to function in a difficult setting. I wish Nts can have some compassion for us.
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For instance, we struggle with jobs. Things overwhelm us very easily. While the Nts can work through it, sometimes we can't. Imagine us posting on Facebook or Twitter saying we have to quit our job because it was too overwhelming, getting bullied constantly, etc. Nts will act like they're better and start shaming you for it. Saying you need to 'suck it up.' If it was that easy, we would do it. Nts need to realize that just because they can tough it out doesn't mean we can and doesn't give them the green card to shame those who can't. 

I mean at least have a savings account and have money saved up to hold you until you get some sort of back up plan ready.

Most of the time, we get fired from jobs for not moving fast enough. Why do employers care how fast you work? You're not gonna die if someone takes an hour to clean the bathroom. Imagine having to function in a workforce that makes no sense. You don't understand why the employer cares so much about speed. Why not be more open-minded to different work speeds?

Nts think cryptic hints are requests but it seems like a train of thought to us. We don't do said task and they will say 'you should know.'' Or something like that. How hard is it to say 'the garbage is full please take it out?' 

Nts need to understand that our brains are different than theirs. What may seem easy to them may not be easy for us. Some people just reach their breaking point. 

I also hate 'welcome to the real world.' We struggle as it is trying to make it in a world that makes no sense, that is against us, doesn't understand us. Nts can hold down jobs fine. Some of us can't. Nts, don't have sensory issues. Nts, don't need explicit instructions. Nts can cope with changes. Nts, don't have brains that are cluttered like ours. 

While Nts can have the issues we face, however, they deal with it every once in a while. We have these issues every day all the time. Nts don't have to fight to the death trying to hold down a job like we do. Most importantly NTs don't get bullied, belittled, insulted for being different and having trouble understanding things like we do. Stop holding us on your standards. We do not operate like you! Stop calling us stupid, retarded or whatever insults you have because we just learn differently. Let's say you cook differently do you want to be called names for that? Let's say you dress differently, eat differently, clean differently. 

Nts, do you want to be insulted and called names because you don't do something the way someone wants you to? Then stop calling us names because we don't understand what you tell us. We just need a different method. We are not stupid for being different! 

Instead of trying to force us to be like you, accept us for who we are. We didn't ask for this. What we do ask for is compassion and understanding of our challenges. 

I will always be an advocate fighting for better treatment for people with autism or other disabilities. I am sick of seeing in my feed an autistic kid getting bullied. I am sick of hearing about autistic kids struggling in school, I am sick of hearing special needs kids getting abused. I have had enough of memes poking fun at autistic people. Why are you so shitty to someone for something they didn't want? Maybe if you stop being shitty and get to know the person, you will be amazed. You may need that person one day. Do you think they wanna help someone who was nothing but horrible to them?


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