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Why I Hate Neurotypicals

Please read the blog first before you comment. Read the blog before you make your judgment. I am not talking about all Nts. Just the ones who do the things I am about to talk about. As a person with autism, NTs make us feel like outcasts. They mock us because of our differences. They bully us, they belittle us. They think insulting us makes them look smart and makes them better than us, but it doesn't. NTs are the reason why I hate being autistic. Their lack of understanding about us.
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All my life I have been around Nts. All through school. Even in public. I am tired of being belittled, bullied, insulted by Nts. Why can't they just be nice? It's not that hard! In school when the teacher would call on me when I didn't know the answer, I'd get laughed at rather than laughing at the teacher when she/he saw I clearly didn't know the answer but called on me anyway.

If I didn't know something I am labeled stupid by Nts for that.  In an Nt world. You don't know something=you're stupid. You're different=weird. You need things different= a threat to society.
You want respect= you're entitled.

On my Steemit blog, this asshole insults me because I didn't understand what witnesses are on the blockchain. I thought he was asking me if my rewards were going missing or something.  I just didn't understand his explanation. How hard would it have been if he said 'witnesses to XYZ, they are important because ABC, without them, DEF can happen.' I guess insults are more convenient to the Nts then. Sometimes I feel it's better pretending I understand when I don't. It's better than being insulted by Nts. Why should I like Nts when all they do is come down on me for something I never wanted?

Doesn't make sense to me. I despise Nts. I hate them. I wish they knew how much they hurt us when they insult us, hold us on such high standards, mock us for being different.

I don't think they ever will and continue to play the victim and make excuses...

I am sick of their lame excuses for treating us so horribly. We are just different, we are not murderers for Christ's sake!

I wish there could be a planet for us. No Nts. I would be on the first rocket ship to that planet. No one to mock us over our autism traits.

Not all Nts are bad. Only a very few Nts accepted me and was nice to me. That is sad. We should be saying ' I made a lot of Nt friends and they honestly don't care I have autism.'

We are not stupid because we don't get your NT bullshit. Let's call everyone stupid because you explain a movie to them and they don't get it. Let's call everyone stupid for not being like you. Nts, stop your bullshit excuses and treat us like humans beings and we'll stop hating you.  We just didn't hate you out of thin air. You treat us like shit. You can't expect to be shitty to someone and want respect. Now that's an entitlement. Treat us like human beings. It's not that hard. Sorry having compassion doesn't tickle your NT ass.

I'm brutally honest and point-blank. Don't like it? Then stop dishing out hate to us. Karma. You get what you put out.


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