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The Walking Dead Let's Play Season 1 Episode 1 (YouTube)

This list will have my Walking Dead Let's play from the first episode. I am going to split the videos so this blog won't go for too long.

After getting kicked out of Hershel's farm, Kenny nearly gets us eaten by zombies. Then some survivors come to our rescue, which angers Lily, the group's leader.  →You Can watch the video here

The Walking Dead by Telltale games is back!  Telltale games closed down as a result of poor sales. I decided to do a little remembrance of their games. I will be playing my favorite games from the Telltale Games.  Update Tellatale has been revived since I lat recorded this video. I still want to play their games. → You can watch the video here.

After Lary's medical episode, we have to search for the things he needs. While trying to get it, Lee finds a photo of him and his family. Then Carly teleports in and reveals she knows that Lee killed someone. Hence why he was in the cop car at the start of the episode.  →you can watch the video here

Autism Vlogs (YouTube)

These are the autism vlogs that I posted to my second channel. I am putting my videos in a list on my blog to help draw some traffic to my YouTube. I get some traffic to my blog, not much but a little. SO I thought I should take the time to promote my videos. The list will update from time to time. After a while, I will make a new list so this list doesn't get too long.

I decided to make this video explaining why autistic adults are misunderstood by non-autistics. When it comes to autistic to neurotypical communication, both parties are not on the same page, which causes so many misunderstandings.  This video is to name certain instances where NTs misunderstand us.

Why we should get rid of autism labels (like high functioning, mild, low etc)In this video, I talk about why we should get rid of autism labels like high functioning, low functioning, etc. I think these labels are damaging to us and affect our support. Affects how people see things. Giving people the wrong impressions abo…

I Feel My Mom Doesn't Understand My Anxiety

While it's true 2 people can have the same thing. Both of you can be affected in different ways. I feel as though my mom doesn't understand my anxiety. People don't understand mental illness. If it were as simple as 'calming down' we'd do it!

Having a mom with a ton of medical issues while you have anxiety goes together like water and oil. My mom thinks it's easy dealing with anxiety apparently. I told her I cannot be around a lot of people. One reason why I cannot work retail. She knows how busy and crazy Walmart gets. She proceeds to suggest I work there and said 'take deep breaths.' It's NOT that easy! Didn't she swear my doctor said I need a job where I am not around people? If I could work he wouldn't be helping me with my disability case. A doctor won't give you anything they feel you don't need.

My mom needs to understand just because something works for her doesn't mean it works for me. It's like a diet. A diet ca…

Undertale Let's Play (YouTube) Parts 1-10

I will also use this blog to help with my YouTube channel(s). I can use it to promote my videos since getting views is a bit hard. This will be my walkthrough for Undertale parts 1-10.

I decided Undertale should be added in my content change so I re-shoot my gameplay. I explained at the end of the video why I decided to re-shoot my gameplay. I hope you all enjoy the re-make and I am happy to be playing the game again. You can see the video here.

In this video, we leave goat mom and meet the skeleton brothers. One of them is eager to capture a human. You can watch the video here.

Here Is An Overview of today's episode of Undertale pacifist. We run into several puzzles throughout the episode and also run into Mettaton trying to take us out. Lucky for us Alphys saves us. You can read more here.

In this episode, we battle Papyrus and then go on a date with him. Because we're doing pacifist, I don't really fight Papyrus. You can watch the video here.

In this video, after dating…

My Decision To Work From Home A Year Later

Last year around August, I decided to work from home. I have struggled with finding a job due to autism. I went through a useless vocational program that I thought would help me only to have the counselor invalidate my autism and as a result, I didn't get the help I needed and I struggled during the program. My mom pushed on me working in retail. All she ever suggested is retail jobs rather than helping me find someone where I can live on.

I also struggled with finding a job with the settings that I needed. I had a blog and a YouTube channel so I decided to work from home. I learned I can put affiliate links in my blog. I learned I can sell things through my blog. I also post on crypto blogs like I decided to build that up. Then I had a problem. I had trouble getting my mom to understand why I made this decision. One day I she told me when it got warmer (this happened sometime last year going into this year) that she would take me to talk to the manager at Burlington …

Roblox Let's Plays (YouTube)

I have a great deal of trouble getting views on my videos, finding good places to share them, etc. A site that gave me really good traffic shut down in 2018 and I could not find another site to replace that traffic. As a result, my views dropped majorly. I decided to put my lets plays in a blog post to help with promoting on external sites. I promote on my crypto blogs so this can help. This will have my Roblox let's plays. When I upload a let's play I update the list.

In this episode, there is a killer out in the woods who attacks us by the tents. When the group tells Daniel about it, he doesn't believe them. We must find out who the killer is. This game is a sequel to camping 1. You can watch this video here.

I found this game while looking for some Roblox games to play and this looks like an interesting horror series that I can do on my channel for Roblox. In this game, we have to survive a camping trip that went horribly wrong. There is a monster that attacks, what is …

Autism Doesn't End At 18// Blog Everyday In September

Some people under the impression that autism stops at 18 and whatever services the person needs, is no longer needed.

Most schools provide accommodations for students with autism. Adults with autism have a constant battle with getting support and assistance. Getting social security can be a challenge. It's a constant and scary world for us. What is going to happen if our parent/guardian dies? It's even scarier for those of us who can't find or keep a job.

Getting an IEP for your child/teen is not as hard as trying to get disability. Needing a ton of records. Stressing the fact that autism doesn't end when you're an adult.

I noticed that my mom understood me more up until I turned 18. It was a difficult transition to adulthood. If I couldn't 'adult' like she wanted me to she will just shame me and say I think like a child. If I have never been exposed to adulting, HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO KNOW WHAT TO DO?

When I was a teen, my mom helped me when I needed.…

Travel Diaries, Jericho AR 2019 [Part 2]// blog everyday in september day 23

This blog will have different phots.
I have to make several parts because I took so many photos. These photos are from my sudden trip down south. I said it was sudden because it was unplanned and unexpected. One of my aunts passed and the folks down south planned the funeral LITERALLY the week after my aunt died leaving me and my grandpa little time to get down there, save up enough money, etc.

These photos will be in the order that I found them in, or gathered them in. Here are some photos crossing the Miss River. This was on the way back. it was too dark to get any photos on the way there. And when I go down south in a few weeks it will be too dark then to get any photos. 
Since the next time I go, it will be at midnight. 
If it will be midnight maybe I can get some dawn photos! Let's put it that way.

The river looks so high. it looks like it's not even that far from the bridge. 

Honestly, the bridge and water does not look too far from my angle!

The water looks more clear i…