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Travel Diaries, Marion AR 2015|| Blog Everyday In September day 16

I have been down south so many times. It's where my folks are from. Alright? I can afford to travel down there at least. My great-grandma was turning 93 and the family threw her a birthday party. This was in late August, so we went pretty late in the year. It was the hottest time of the year. I felt like a baked potato for sure.

My mom, my grandma, me and my grandpa all went. We had a friend help us drive down there. We rented a minivan because why not? If you're going on a long drive you want legroom. I feel like a caged animal being in a small space for a long time.
~header image is from Pixabay but other photos are mine.

The photos will be out of order a bit. I don't remember the order they were taken in. Thay is my bad. We arrived at the hotel where the party was being held. It was rough with all the people but at least it was an open space and not a small one. I have to admit I have trouble recognizing my folks but they don't mind because we don't see each oth…

Autism And Workplace Discrimination ( And How To Handle An Employee W/ Autism) #BEDIS Day 15

It is common for adults on the autism spectrum to face workplace bullying, discrimination. In most cases, some of us end up leaving or losing a job due to the condition. Some of us get poor adjustments made and in fact doesn't help much.  This article will give you a guild on what I was going for. I will start linking blog posts that give me the ideas in my blog posts etc. I go an extra mile to make sure no one takes me out of context because it happens so often.

I think the lack of understanding regarding autism can be the cause of this. Employers may not know they are discriminating against someone with autism in some cases. Now if you disclose your autism and you are fired, have your hours/days cut it can be pretty clear. Sometimes we may reveal our autism when applying and get rejected. Or at an interview and we didn't get the job. Sometimes the co-workers not understanding can be the cause.

I think employers may get the impression that the person needs a ton of adjustment…

Travel Diaries, Fox Fiver Resort Blog Everyday In September #day 14

I am going to but my travel photos in this blog post since it's easier for me to share them. I post my photos to my crypto blogging sites such as My vertical photos get randomly flipped. Some sides I cannot upload the photo. So I will put my photos on here instead. When I shared my blog post to Steemit or any other site, I share a few paragraphs and link the full thing.

In 2013, I had an amazing opportunity to go to Fox River Resort for a day.  I took some nice shots while I was there. Keep in mind that these photos are pretty old. Most of my travel photos are old since I rarely get to travel. We went on a tour of the resort. I went with a lady who braided my hair when I interned for her that summer. She was applying for a vacation house out there. I would love a vacation house think about how much better it will be then all of those hotel fees.

I would like to get a vacation house but they are so expensive. Hopefully sharing my content on sites like Steemit can help …

Lakefront Photography|| Blog Everyday In September #day 13

Oh crap, it's Friday the 13th and a full moon. I am probably going to hide somewhere. Anyways, when I post my photography. I will post the photos on one blog posts. This blog will have lakefront photos, another blog will have travel photos, another blog having food photos, etc. This makes more sense than posting my photos one at a time on my crypto blogs. I can also link my art store for people who may be interested in.

When I used to go see my therapist before she left, sometimes I would pass through the lakefront or downtown. It was a fun quick adventure. Even though I rarely get to get out, it's a fun site to pass by the lakefront.  Chicago does have some nice parts of it. I rarely get to visit them. This is a nice view of this skyline from far away.

This is one of my best photos with a nice view of the lake. Remember I like views. 

 This is the best view of the lake. Isn't it just break taking. This was taken in the fall last year. On a nice day might I add.

 My zooming…

Top 7 Saddest Songs In Undertale's OST|| Blog Everyday In September #day 12

I hoped you packed your tissues. You're going to need them for this. I will be talking about the saddest songs in Undertale. These songs are sad in my opinion. Feel free to tell me which song(s) you think is sad. I honestly think Undertale is an amazing game with an amazing OST. However, the game does a good job hitting you in the feels, for sure. Here is a good try not to cry challenge (there is a video version). You cry you lose.

His Theme, omg this song puts you on a feels train. You will hear this track later on in the Asriel fight. After you save your friends from him. If there was a try not to cry challenge and this song comes on, how many of you would lose? Why does such a beautiful game have such emotional songs? The song kinda adds to the emotion of the part of the game for sure. Undertale is deeper than you think once you really dig into it. Once Azzy downgrades to his normal form the game is just an emotional roller coaster. You learn that the name you choose for the f…