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I Feel My Mom Doesn't Understand My Anxiety

While it's true 2 people can have the same thing. Both of you can be affected in different ways. I feel as though my mom doesn't understand my anxiety. People don't understand mental illness. If it were as simple as 'calming down' we'd do it!
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Having a mom with a ton of medical issues while you have anxiety goes together like water and oil. My mom thinks it's easy dealing with anxiety apparently. I told her I cannot be around a lot of people. One reason why I cannot work retail. She knows how busy and crazy Walmart gets. She proceeds to suggest I work there and said 'take deep breaths.' It's NOT that easy! Didn't she swear my doctor said I need a job where I am not around people? If I could work he wouldn't be helping me with my disability case. A doctor won't give you anything they feel you don't need.

My mom needs to understand just because something works for her doesn't mean it works for me. It's like a diet. A diet can work for me. I won't automatically assume the diet will work on you. I will suggest you talk to a doctor before trying it.

In commercails when they talk about medicine the voice says to ask a doctor before starting X because everyone responds to medicine differently. Why can't the same thing apply to anxiety?

Now, I feel like a danger to my mom because of my anxiety. I am not equipped to handle that. When I was in high school I saw my friend have a seizure at our table. I cannot put into words what I felt. I felt like I had just run a mile, you know how someone will breathe heavily after they run?  That feeling.

My mom had gotten home from work. The pollen count was high and it was very hot out My mom was talking to me and she went into an asthma attack. I starting freaking out and panicking. Nearly tearing the apartment apart looking for the parts to her machine so she can use it.

Then she had a bad side effect to a medication she was on. She thought it was a stoke. she said when I called my folks down here I acted like someone was killing us. I wish there was a distress signal you can trigger on your smartphone to summon the police/fire/ EMTs. My mom says 'ask yourself how is panicking going to help me. It's not that simple. It's easy to say but when the situation actually comes? When I get these panic episodes it's like I am underwater and can't get to the surface.

I feel that it's best for both of us if my mom finds someone else to care for her. I can't care for myself, how can I care for her?


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