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Roblox Let's Plays (YouTube)

I have a great deal of trouble getting views on my videos, finding good places to share them, etc. A site that gave me really good traffic shut down in 2018 and I could not find another site to replace that traffic. As a result, my views dropped majorly. I decided to put my lets plays in a blog post to help with promoting on external sites. I promote on my crypto blogs so this can help. This will have my Roblox let's plays. When I upload a let's play I update the list.

In this video, the hand is the real enemy. The hand makes the game hard. If the hand gets you, you lose. Sometimes the hand makes me rush and I lose rushing. You can watch this video here.

In this episode, there is a killer out in the woods who attacks us by the tents. When the group tells Daniel about it, he doesn't believe them. We must find out who the killer is. This game is a sequel to camping 1. You can watch this video here.

I found this game while looking for some Roblox games to play and this looks like an interesting horror series that I can do on my channel for Roblox. In this game, we have to survive a camping trip that went horribly wrong. There is a monster that attacks, what is his intentions? You can watch this video here.

I had some close calls playing this game. Lucky for me I have good reflexes.
 I also have to make sacrifices when the other players don't want to get the buttons.
Roblox Flood Escape is a game where you have to escape the flooding facility, push buttons to progress in the game.
 You and the other plays must work together to survive. You can watch this video here.

What seems like a regular old field trip turns into a scary, freaky trip gone wrong? There is a monster lurking. What does it want? What are its intentions? This makes me not want to go on a field trip. You can watch the video here

I was captured forever, Roblox Flee The Facility
In this video, I got captured by the beast. In this game, you have to work together to activate the exit to flee the facility before the beast gets you.  If the beast captures you, they put you ina tube and other players have a short amount of time to save you. You can watch the video here.

I decided to play some Roblox Death Run with the spring update. 
Since I recorded some videos with the winter update. I still constantly lose in the game. 
My reactions to my loss are pretty funny. If you want to add me on Roblox you can, 
I have many accounts but my main account is jazz1995.  You can watch this video here.

This game is based on 'Survivor' you must outwit the other players and avoid eviction. You must compete for the title of house leader. As the house leader, you have to nominate people for eviction. Those people compete in a safety competition to save themselves from eviction. You can see the video here.

Roblox highschool inspired by Roblox camping
Today's video we will be playing Roblox highschool, a Roblox camping game. What seems like a normal highschool turns into a horror highschool when a monster roams the school. Will I survive horror high school? Only one way to find out. You can see this video here.

Today's episode of Roblox, I am playing Mad Murderer/Twisted Murderer. This game is like Murder Mystery.  
It's a survival game where you have to survive the murderer and win the game. 
I keep losing so that's why I said that I suck. You can see the video here.

I made a noob mistake. I was looking through the menu in-game instead of waiting until I lost or until the round ended and I died as a result of my mistake. I do jumpscare myself in this video. You can see the video here.

I got scared easily in this. When I am it and the sherif has to get me I jump when they do. Or if whoever is it gets me and catches me by surprise. You can watch here.

For today's video. I will be playing Roblox Simon Says.  The game is fairly simple. Sometimes there are challenges. Am I up to the challenge? Am I not? Only one way to find out.  You can see the video here

This is a game called Sleepover 'creators had to change it to overnight due to Roblox's TOS.' What seems like a fun sleepover with snacks, games, etc. Turns into a nightmare when a monster attacks. Can we survive the sleepover of terror? You can see the video here.

Today I will be playing Roblox Survivor.  Let's see how long I can last. Will I be voted off? Will I win? Only one way to find out. This game is based on the TV show Survivor. You can see the video here.

This is another game inspired by the original Roblox camping. In this game, we visit an island. Of course, the trip turns into a disaster (as always) the island locals are mad at us. Why are they mad?
 I also decided to spice up my editing a bit in this video. This camping game Roblox Tiki Island is a sequel to Feild Trip since you have the same teacher and tour guild. You can watch the video here.

This game is scary.  Better get ready. I attempt to play this game called Stop It,
 Slender on Roblox. The goal is to collect 8 pages and avoid Slender. 
This game does have jumpscares so watch with caution. Do not look at Slender. You can watch the video here. 

Today we will be playing Roblox hiking, a fan game based on the original Roblox camping.
This time we hike on MT Robloxia where a monster is roaming. The game picked me to get captured.

After I was rescued a player said I should have been left to die. You can see the video here.

This blog will update so keep that in mind.


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