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Things Have Been Rough|| Blog Everday In August #day 5

I do a blog about autism mainly, however, I had to base a blog on only one thing. I like to mix things up a bit. This helps me come up with things to talk about. I normally don't get too personal in my blogs. This is a good venting method that helps me out a bit. My grandpa is abandoning us.
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This started when a guy stopped by the house about a security system. I guess my folks were interested and wanted to know more. I believe the company gave them like a trial to see if they like it before they get it. So the guy left and I guess my grandma told my grandpa. They starting fighting (verbally) my grandpa claims that 'my grandpa jumps and does things.' And that 'no one tells him anything.' Here is the thing. He gossips to his mom about everything that happens. So my mom and grandma stopped telling him things. And he wonders why no one tells him stuff.

It seems like he has a problem with my mom and granny spending their own money. He likes to whine he never has any but doesn't do anything about it like put money away. Then my mom chimed in and they started fighting. He started insulting her telling her 'she's nothing' and all kinds of BS. He does nothing to help us. Doesn't help buy food but eats it all. You can cook enough food for 8 people and it will be almost gone the next day. Sometimes he eats when everyone else has gone to bed. He had the nerve to call me fat back in 2015 and yet when my granny cooks a casserole like thing it's halfway gone the next day. My mom and I eat like one bowl. My granny doesn't eat a lot.

Then he threatens to put my mom out of a job by leaving. She is his caretaker. He is that low down to leave us in the lurch. So I need to get as much money as I can from my crypto blogs to help buy food and other things in case my mom cannot find work. Even if I can put down 50 dollars on food. Even if I have to shop at Aldi.

I am unable to find a job. I explain my employment issues on my blog.

It's kinda a rough time. Granddouch has his clothes and stuff packed up.

I think my granddouch is ungrateful. He treats my granny like dirt yet she is the reason he has a roof over his head. She gets more money than he does. He could not live off of what he makes from SSI.

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This is not a happy family, far from it.  The douche might as well divorce my granny since he wants to leave so bad. They claim to be husband and wife but he doesn't act like a husband.

He doesn't act like a man. My granny shouldn't have to shop for food. The douche should offer to do the shopping.

The douche spends his money on dumb stuff and wonders why he never has any. For instance, last year, he bought some fake cameras thinking it will stop a thief if someone were to break in. He losing his crap over my grandma getting an alarm but doesn't understand that it's important. This system allows us to monitor the premises.

Also, this was for him. What if he gets sick or falls and we are not home. Can't get to the phone to call someone.  We can see it on the tape and call for help. Shows how entitled people can be.

The douche also helps me pay for my dental plan. I need to keep it until the dental surgery is paid off at least. My mom won't be able to pay that once he leaves and strips her job. My mom has to pay 94 dollars a month. She owns 1800 dollars from the surgery.  Which is why I REALLY need to get as money from my blog ASAP.

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This so-called 'man' is just going to abandon us. Our dryer went out and my grandma needs to pay off the new one. The douche is paying for the roof now my grandma will have to pay for it. I don't think she can pay the bills, buy food, and pay off expenses by herself and assuming my mom will be unable to find a job. My grandma will be by herself in this. I have concluded my test trades on Weku and Whaleshares (the sites I blog on) I will need credits in the thousands to get a good profitable trade. I want to trade at least 100 BTS (Bitshares). I'd prefer if it were higher. Even if I can get 100 dollars. I can still take that and give half to my mom or granny and they can use it.

Family can ditch you as well. Blood relatives aren't any different than a friend ditching you.

If the douche think he will have it easy with whomever he moves in with, he's sadly mistaken. I am sure they will expect him to clean up and help with bills, food. He doesn't even help us. Also, he hardly bathes (like once a month) I hope that person stalks up on air freshener. Our tub is connected with the shower. If this person has a walk-in shower with seating then he was no excuse to clean himself.

He doesn't understand he may not find doctors in-network with his medical plan down south. Plus you have to drive like a mile to all of the shops in rural areas vs the city where it's up the street. he has his head so far up his butt he failed to think about this. Who will drive him around?

I should let karma take care of this. I believe in God and his abilities but that doesn't mean I can't believe in the karma he brings. I will let karma screw his plan. He'll see. When you live with someone they will expect you to do SOMETHING.  I will have to pool my blog money. I will not start making a lot of money right away. It will take time.


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