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My Grandma Verbally Abuses Me (trigger warning)

I mention abuse in this blog and may mention some sensitive stuff, please read with caution. You don't have to read if you don't want to. If you choose to read, just be careful, alright? Anyways I hope someone learns something from this.

My grandma verbally abuses me on a regular basis. I am not trying to invalid physical abuse. Any type of abuse is messed up. Bones heal but healing a broken mind isn't so simple. My grandma likes to treat people like dirt and wonder why no one wants to do anything for her.
 My grandpa treated her badly. If she doesn't like it when he does it to her then what makes her think I want to be treated that way? I feel like my grandma is angry at me for no reason. I've done nothing wrong. I am fed up with being treated like this because I don't do things how she wants me to and when she wants me to. I am fed up with me wanting me to do things like she wants it done. This is why I wouldn't be able to hold down a job.

My mom is suppo…

Introducing My First Campagine For A New Phone

Remember my failed attempt to save up money for my recent trip down south? I did blog every day in September to fund the trip. I post my content to The site has an extension called Dlike where you can post links. I am doing a second attempt at this but with proper planning.

Every 2 or 3 years I upgrade my phone. I just wanna buy my own phone this time. My mom has been buying my things due to my inability to find a job.  For things I want like a phone or a tablet, I will do a little campaign where I add an extra day posting to my blog and Verond. I will be starting my new YouTube next Monday so I won't have older videos to share. This way I have a link to share every day.

For this I need to save up 300 dollars. I probably can get a good phone for 200 but I am also going to need some money to buy a phone case and a screen cover since I am clumsy and I drop my phone a lot.

I will have a video version later on.

This will run until I reach my goal. On my Weku blog, Whalesh…

Jericho, AR Blog Travel Photography [Part 3]

Here is the next round of photos. If I didn't preplan so many blog posts before I left I could have posted some before I left. The photos you will see were taken by me. Better breathe in these landscape photos since when I go to AR is the only time I can get some scape photos.
 This one is from the April trip and there are still some photos that I need to post from that getaway. The sun was behind the clouds. It looks like a very nice scenery.
T  Here is a little country sunset. Country dusk is better because you don't have all those city lights messing with the white balance.
 This was taken on my way to my grandmother's house. It was about 7 in the morning when the bus pulled in. We waited forever waiting for the bus to pick us up. It was supposed to come at 9 and didn't come until like 9:40PM.
 I was on my way to the woods for a picnic when this was taken. An outing in the woods completed my travel goals.
 I couldn't recapture that nice colorful dusk photo. Yo…

I Am Doing Another Autism Survey

I started talking about autism and employment issues last year. I did a little book about it. I even did a survey about it to see where everyone's problem lied. Meaning what issues did people have with either landing or keeping a job.
I felt that my blog would be more authentic if I have stories from autistic adults regarding their struggles with employment. I personally feel people could connect if they hear from someone other than me.

For example, I was on a Facebook post on an autism page I follow. They explained the reason behind why the dishes never get done for instance. Someone commented that this was the thing that caused them to lose jobs because they finished their work early and was seen as lazy for not doing more work for the hell of it. They didn't understand why they had to do more work for no reason. That story would be purer if they quote it on this blog rather than me repeating it.

I am conducting a survey to get your autism unemployment stories. All you need …

Travel Diaries// Jericho AR Fall 2019 [Part 3]

Here is part 3 of the photos taken from my planned trip down south. I had to break this up since I took too many pictures. I got to do some exploring. My mom claims that I will sit in the house all day but when someone is going to go somewhere, depending on where they always asked me if I want to come. I like that. I'd be happier down south. Minus scripting lies if I am asked why I don't go to church (I talked about this) my folks go places during their time off. They even travel to other states. I'd have so much for my travel diaries. I am trying to save up for a laptop.
 I don't know why but this scene looks so 3D like.

And this one. A good sunset dusk photo. Although I was trying to recreate the colorful dusk photo in my April AR diaries. You can't remake perfection.
 I had to take this photo very carefully. There was a huge puddle underneath and I didn't have a waterproof phone.

I wanted to find something to take photos of. Something, anything.

Someone need…