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Introducing My First Campagine For A New Phone

Remember my failed attempt to save up money for my recent trip down south? I did blog every day in September to fund the trip. I post my content to The site has an extension called Dlike where you can post links. I am doing a second attempt at this but with proper planning.
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Every 2 or 3 years I upgrade my phone. I just wanna buy my own phone this time. My mom has been buying my things due to my inability to find a job.  For things I want like a phone or a tablet, I will do a little campaign where I add an extra day posting to my blog and Verond. I will be starting my new YouTube next Monday so I won't have older videos to share. This way I have a link to share every day.

For this I need to save up 300 dollars. I probably can get a good phone for 200 but I am also going to need some money to buy a phone case and a screen cover since I am clumsy and I drop my phone a lot.

I will have a video version later on.

This will run until I reach my goal. On my Weku blog, Whaleshares and Golos I probably will need credits in the upper thousands. What I mean is that say 3K Weku credits gets me 60 BTS. And 500 BTS gets me 20 USD. That's what I mean.I will probably need Bitshares (a cryptocurrency) in the upper hundreds and thousands for a good trade. How these sites work is you can exchange the credits you earn for real money. I will pick a random amount to do a trade. Whatever amount I have after selling my cryptos for real money that will be added to the tracker. The process will rinse and repeat until I reach my goal of 340 dollars. I added extra due to Coinbases' fees. I may keep the money on my wallet. I may split the funds so I can help get food or something. Say I get 20 dollars then I will take 10 and leave 10. I just said I random amount. This makes it easier for me to save money and not be tempted to spend it because it's there if I take half and leave half.

Getting a better phone can help me with YT gear. Better camera and maybe having a more up to date phone I can run Life is Strange, Before The Storm and The Walking Dead Season 3. Maybe if the phone has a wider screen if I have to post to my crypto blogs from my phone it will be easier with a large screen.

After I have passed my goal I will screenshot proof showing my balance on my Coinbase or post to my IG stories the e-mail receipt I get when I send the money to my bank.

Don't expect me to order whatever right when I get the money. Maybe a deal is coming and I will wait for the said deal. When I get the phone or whatever I will record an unboxing video or me trying said item.  I will take a 3-week break to decide what else I want to aim for and decipher how much money I will need to save. My posting flow on here and Verond will go back to normal during the break.  After 3 weeks I'll start my little fundraiser for the next thing.

This should be fun.


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