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Jericho, AR Blog Travel Photography [Part 3]

 Here is the next round of photos. If I didn't preplan so many blog posts before I left I could have posted some before I left. The photos you will see were taken by me. Better breathe in these landscape photos since when I go to AR is the only time I can get some scape photos.
 This one is from the April trip and there are still some photos that I need to post from that getaway. The sun was behind the clouds. It looks like a very nice scenery.
 Here is a little country sunset. Country dusk is better because you don't have all those city lights messing with the white balance.
 This was taken on my way to my grandmother's house. It was about 7 in the morning when the bus pulled in. We waited forever waiting for the bus to pick us up. It was supposed to come at 9 and didn't come until like 9:40PM.
 I was on my way to the woods for a picnic when this was taken. An outing in the woods completed my travel goals.
 I couldn't recapture that nice colorful dusk photo. You cannot remake perfection as they say.

This photo was taken when the bus stopped in Champagne, IL. I got a rare good full moon photo.

 An old car in the field. I can't tell what is covered up on the sheet.
 This is a nice tractor. It gets the job done.
 I went all out on these landscapes. I only can get them out in the country. I hardly have any scape photos in the city.
 Here is another attempted sunset photo. I think on my next little fundraiser after I save up for my new phone or computer I am saving up for a good photography camera. Think better camera better sun/moon photos.

I don't know why but the sky look so nice out there.

 This moon photo came out somewhat OK. I guess the darkness of the country makes a moon or sun photos come out better. I have mentioned that all of the lights mess with the white balance.

Truck merging onto the highway from far away.

 This photo was taken when I was in the woods. Surprisingly, I had cell service and good data connection. Wasn't nearly as poor as it is in the country. I posted some of these on my art Instagram to complete my travel goas.
 I couldn't get any corn but cotton is OK.

 An old shied in the field.

I guess I can get a good still photo in a moving vehicle if nothing is in the shot I guess.

I have many parts to go and I have some vlogs that I will post. I will share some of my older travel vlogs to help with my travel series.

The vlog will be split into parts so it won't be too long. I always make a travel BLOG and a travel VLOG.

You will see more photos from me from this trip and possibly from the last trip because I took so many. When you travel, you take photos or make a video. It's fun to relive these things.


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