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One Of The Things That Keeps Autistic Adults Out Of Jobs: Interviews

The one thing that keeps us aspies out of jobs is interviews. Interviews can be a constant struggle for us. I mentioned this in my book about autism and I mentioned it in older articles that I have written. It was mentioned but not fully talked about. Why do interviews keep us out of jobs?
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You apply for a job. You get a call for an interview. Flag on the play. Not getting passed the interview is the sole thing that keeps us unemployed.
I feel that the interviews are stupid. They have literally zero to do with proving that you can do the job. For example, being asked why you left your last job. What does that have to do with the job you're trying to get is how I see it. When you try out for a sport, the coach will test your skills and pick who did the exercises the best. Why can jobs do that instead of interviews?

When you walk into an interview, you smile and shake the interviewer's hand? For us, we don't like physical contact like that and forced emotions. The interview marks this against us.

Basically, it's impossible for us to handle NT interview processes.

we struggle to pick up on non-verbal cues.

Eye contact is a big one.

The interviewer can sometimes interpret your autism behaviors as not being interested in the job. This is not the case. As a result, you're passed up for the job.

Also, something can pop up (ex the interviewer is running late) or maybe they're booked and you have to see a different person. We don't handle unexpected changes well. In a different blog article I explained this, I gave an analogy with your GPS switching the directions on you to give NTs an understanding of how changes feel to us.

Your reaction to the change can go against you.

We take things literally. The one question you are asked is 'tell me about yourself.'  We will think this is to tell them about ourselves like when you enter a new school year and you tell the teacher some things about you.

NTS will know how to answer, they just question how it relates to the job. The NTS know how to answer interview questions but they don't get how it pertains to the job. We don't know how to answer the questions because we fail to grasp what the question means.Or what the person is looking for.

It seems like interviews are about sucking up to the employer than them wanting to know how you can bring value to their company.

Say you prepared for the interview, am unexpected question pops up that you don't know how to answer.

In most cases, if not all, the interviewer won't know that the candidate has autism. Due to these insane standards, interviews are the number 1 reason why we are unemployed.


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