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Looking At The Big Picture

I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do as a job. I wanted to do YouTube full-time until they made it hard for smaller channels to show ads. Then I found and wanted to blog full time on there. I also told you in 2017 I went through the most useless job program ever. My impression is that they would prepare me for the job I am trying to get. In my case, I want a job involving a computer and preparing me for that. More like the program was useless with my issue with employment. My mom wanted me to work in a retail job. She thinks I can just stock shelves but that is not how retail works. She really things they are ONLY going to have me stocking? Retail tends to switch around your schedule and/or position.

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It never occurred to her that a constantly changing schedule or position will overwhelm me. She claimed that the doctor told her that I need a job that doesn't have a lot of people and low stress but thinks RETAIL is low stress and doesn't have many people.  Adults with autism need jobs that work for THEM, NOT YOU. My mom can see a disabled man at Walmart but doesn't understand maybe his circumstances are different than mine. It's easy to accommodate people with physical disabilities. If they need a chair due to a hip injury bam! Give them a chair high enough so they can still do their job if the person is a cashier. If they can't reach and climb find them a lift or something. My accommodations are different than for someone who is physically impaired.
Lot's of things have to be factored in. Mental illness makes you tired quick. Depending on how mentally or physically draining the job is, I'll need a break frequently. My mom thinks working a retail job is the only way to start from the bottom. I can start from the bottom by testing websites and giving feedback. Which can bump up to me having my own small empire.  Whoever I am testing apps for, I can observe how they run their thing, things they need, etc. Their marketing strategy.

There are a bunch of ways I can get a start but my mom thinks retail is the only way. Some actors may start as extras or short appearance roles and they bump up along the way to eventually being a main character in the show.  Like the Spongebob creator started on a show (Rocko's Modern Life) before eventually making his own. Along the way, he most likely learned about animation and stuff and Spongebob is popular until this day. Working with RML probably allowed him to build his skills. I think jobs that are relevant to my skills will most likely help me. Not retail since that is not relevant to my skills. These examples are to show many ways to start small and bump up.

My mom needs to understand that I need a job that works for ME not what works for her. Retail doesn't work for me due to all the people, fast pace, constant changes, etc.

I decided to work from home. My mom didn't accept it since it wasn't a retail job, which she has been pushing me to get since that useless job program. When I went through that program and the coach did mock interviews. I fu*ked up on the tell me about yourself questions. I said that I helped out a lady who braided my hair for the summer, watched my cousin for my uncle when he ran errands. The coach proceed to ask me how does it relate to the job. Couldn't think of anything. See, I have done nothing related to retail yet my mom wants me in the industry. However. If I wanted to start a video editing service, I can say that I edit for my YouTube channel at this moment.

Also what led me to believe she wouldn't accept my choice and wanted me to work in retail. When I went through that joke program she wouldn't shut up about Walmart. Last year she planned on taking me to Marshal's and/or Burlington to talk to the manager about giving me a job. After I told her I wanted to work from home. I told her working from home helps my anxiety to spare me the crowds. She wouldn't budge. Then when we went to Target she asked one of the ladies if they hired autistic people. I tried getting out of it by saying Target turned me down(this is a true story) but it did not work. My mom wants me to socialize and think a job is the only way I can do that. My mom basically has the same mentality of wanting your kid to be a lawyer because that's what you want them to be.

Look at the big picture. My mom needs to learn to accept I am not working in retail so she can give up.


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