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My Perfect Grandma

The title of this article may have you scratching your head. Yes, you are reading this correctly. My grandma IS perfect. We all know only God is perfect. I guess God added a player. My grandma is the perfect person. I even added her name in my phone as 'perfect person.' Making mistakes, mere accidents don't exist in my grandma's mind. The smallest thing goes wrong and it's WW3. It's like nothing I do is good enough for the perfect queen. This is why I don't want to do anything. If I do it's not good enough. I can't win with the perfect person. If I was on survivor I'd vote her off. A person who is so perfect would be a threat to me.
I would show her name if I survive tribal with no regrets.
The header image was the best I could find.

Target, Goal, Aiming, Dartboard, Aim, Focus, Arrow, S

My grandma complains that no one wants to help her do anything yet she puts everyone down and starts WW3 over the smallest thing. No one wants to help someone so ungrateful. Someone tries their best to help you and getting bitched at is what they get in return?

If you cleaned my house because I hurt myself and can't do it alone. I would appreciate it whether it's how I wanted or not. Because you took time out of your day to help me. Would my grandma be appreciative? No, she'll bitch about it not being 'right.'

So my grandma put her on a pot pie, which takes almost an hour to cook depending on your oven. I put on a burger patty which takes like 25 minutes. My grandma is like a damn helicopter. Watches for you to slip up so she can find something to bitch about. The damn box even tells you ovens vary so food may take longer. It's MY fault something that takes an hour to cook wasn't done. My grandma finds the smallest thing and blames me.

I had turned off the stove by accident. It's a force of habit since I sometimes to forget to turn off the stove. I mean the over part. My grandma walks in and bitches at me over one little thing. I fixed the problem quickly by putting the over back on the temp she had it on. That wasn't good enough. She's crying over the few seconds the oven is off. Spoiler alert. The oven is still HOT when you turn it off. She's pitching a fit because my stuff got done quicker than hers. She called me a liar when I said I never changed the temp and left it at 400. Sometimes I feel like crashing the car because I feel being in a hospital is better than being policed for mistakes to get bitched at. I just don't understand why my grandma has it out for me. If she really loved me she wouldn't treat me this way. I put on a new personality. Trust no one. Everyone lies. Maybe her saying she loved me was a lie to lead me on. One thing I did learn from Survivor is to trust no one. Know who your threats are. My grandma is a threat to my mental health.

I make a small mistake and my grandma acts like I committed mass genocide. There are other things going on in the world and my grandma wants to start WW3 over a FREAKING POT PIE. Last year she raged over a CURTAIN in a house that's almost 100 YEARS old!! Blamed me for it breaking. My grandma could not stop and think those blinds were there since like the 1970s. No. It's MY fault a fucking 100-year-old curtain broke. A carrot has more common sense.

Is this gaslighting? Is this narcissism? I just don't understand. I get chewed at for things that are human nature. Humans make mistakes. Something my grandma doesn't get and never will get. I wonder what she will do when I'm done and won't come back. She'll wish she treated me better. I reached my breaking point and left.
I wish I could be a robot. The only thing that doesn't make mistakes.

Maybe my granda doesn't love me like she claims. Maybe this was all a trick to blindside me.


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