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A Time When My Anxiety Gets The Best Of Me

Nts don't understand how mental illness affects us. They see it as 'overreacting.' Little do they know anxiety is a chemical imbalance and affect how your brain sees things.

Anxiety is like a manipulator. Think of it this way. Like when I was in high school during gym class, I thought this girl was talking about me since I have been verbally bullied my entire freshman year. In reality, she could have been talking about a movie she saw.

Here is a case where my mom thinks I overreact. I started taking birth control for the sake of regulating my period. I feel annoyed with constantly having to do pregnancy tests. We all know BC prevents pregnancy. it also regulates your period, helps women with endo, a disorder that gives women painful periods, it helps your skin, helps your hormones. I feel all Drs look at is the people prevent pregnancy and not other benefits the pill has. I feel dirty having to do a pregnancy test for some damn BC. Argo, I think the Drs secretly think I am…